Razor Flashback Minisodes

If anyone has the desire to see all 7 of the Razor Flashback minisodes put together, they aired them Friday night, so I figured I'd upload it as an easier viewing option:

Total runtime is 16:54

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Razor Flashback 7

This will be the last separate Flashback. Read below for BSG programming next week...

airdate November 16, 2007

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Next Friday, Flash Gordon isn't scheduled to air - instead, Star Trek Enterprise is scheduled to run from 9 to 10:30PM on Sci Fi, and the "BSG MINISODES" will be included (I assume they will take that extra 1/2 hour to show all the Flashbacks, hopefully at the end). If we're lucky, there will be an 8th included in next Fridays bundle, but as you can see with this mini, there ain't much more to say with this story line. They could probably fit these all in well under 20 minutes. Perhaps they have a whopping 5 minutes of surprise material for next week.

Here's the Sci Fi programming schedule for the 23rd and 24th concerning BSG:

November 23, 2007 on SciFi:

9:00 - 10:30 PM - Star Trek Enterprise w/ BSG MINISODES!
(looks like they will be airing them all together after STE?!)

November 24, 2007:

1:30 AM - Exodus Part 1 (S3 E3)
2:30 AM - Exodus Part 2 (S3 E4)
* S3 E5 "Collaborators" is not scheduled to air!?
3:30 AM - Torn (S3 E6) * Sciffy calls this part 1!?
4:30 AM - A Measure of Salvation (S3 E7) *Sciffy calls this part 2!?

9:00 PM - RAZOR

November 25, 2007:

1:00 AM - RAZOR (again!)
3:00 AM - Hero (S3 E8)
4:00 AM - Unfinished Business (S3 E9)
5:00 AM - The Passage (S3 E10)


Resistance Webisodes

The Resistance webisodes take place between seasons 2.5 and 3. There were 10 short episodes. The video here strings them all together.
Runtime: 28:19
Battlestar Galactica Resistance Full

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