Don't give up hope for Virtuality

With Comic Con madness and the DVD releases coming up, the buzz about Virtuality has died down a bit, but Ain't it Cool reports that Michael Taylor may get Virtuality to be a collaborative international production, but at this point it looks like Fox is definitely out of the picture, as most could have guessed (and thank the gods!).


New trailer for The Plan

This was shown at Comic Con yesterday, and then on SyFy. Thanks greycoupon!


BSG reports from SDCC

Whew! A lot of the news is starting to pour in from the first two nights of SDCC which both featured BSG panels and events. Some video is starting to roll in too, and I'm hoping in the near future we'll find more complete video from the panel and concert on Thursday, as well as the panel from Friday.

First off, Thursday: July 23rd was considered SDCC's kick-off day, and there was a Battlestar Retrospective panel in the afternoon featuring Richard Hatch (host), producer Michael Taylor, science advisor Kevin Grazier, and composer Bear McCreary. There were surprise appearances by Tom DeSanto, who along with Bryan Singer helped start the process of "reimagining" BSG, and Luciano Carro also showed up. The panel opened with a video that looked back on the series featuring lots o' cast and crew (see the not so great video below), and the panel opened up for questions and comments (which are covered here by Livejournal user Averita - lot's of info on upcoming projects), and followed with signings. Sci-Fi School has a little coverage on the panel too, and they mention Nicki Clyne was there, but I think they confused her with Luciana (judging by the way it's written). Airlock Alpha reports that Taylor also dispelled a rumor about Katee Sackhoff having participated in Caprica (which I was unaware of anyway). Thanks to pedda from Livejournal's Battlestar Blog for supplying some links to info on this panel. Here's the video:

Bear and his orchestra performed at The SD House of Blues that evening, with a "Music of Battlestar Galactica" concert, which was MCed by Eddie Olmos. Luciana and Michael Hogan also showed up for the event, and apparently Katee Sackhoff briefly. Bear talks about it a little here at his blog, but we're hoping for some videos to start rolling in!

Friday July 24th was the big day. The "BSG panel" was actually a combined panel for The Plan and Caprica, and the big news is Eddie Olmos talking about how there are more BSG "telemovies" (a la Razor and The Plan) to come. Note: Comic-Con coverage should be expected to contain at least mild spoilers concerning Caprica and The Plan.

Check out Zap2it's live blog from the Friday panel, which pretty much transcribes most of the important stuff. Also...

Buddy TV sums up the high points

From SciFi Wire: SDCC: Ron Moore on why Caprica moves beyond Battlestar, and SDCC: Espenson on creating worlds in Caprica and The Plan

And it looks like it might well be worthwhile to get The Plan on Blu-ray (E! Online), according to what Eddie says. Hmmm, is it just for the video quality or will there really be more extra features and deleted scenes??

Here's video of Eddie talking at the panel:

And Katee Sackhoff was over at the 24 panel that night! Here's a clip:

... Oh, and we have a confirmed date for the premiere of Caprica on SyFy - January 22, 2010


The Plan coming to DVD in October

Various sources from around the web have been reporting that the DVD (and Blu-ray and digital download) for The Plan will be released on October 27. Surprised? I was, especially since the last thing we heard about the actual airing of The Plan on SyFy (formerly the Sci Fi Channel) was that it would be in November. We still don't know for sure when the actual air date will be, and maybe since David Howe, SyFy prez, said it would air in November "the plan" has changed (pun intended). Or maybe they really will air it after the DVD, kind of like how they put the Caprica pilot out on DVD long before we will see it air? That seems a bit unlikely, since The Plan is by no means a pilot... or is it? Ever hopeful! (The Wall Street Journal describes The Plan in a just as interesting and hopeful way)

High-Def Digest has some details on the Blu-ray version, which we can probably safely assume will have the same bonus features as standard DVD, save for the exclusive Blu-ray features of scene bookmarking and the interactive "Battlestar Trivia"*.

PR Newswire has some additional information on the bonus features, and mentions that the DVD/Blu-ray (and digital download will be a 90 minute uncensored version.

Airlock Alpha mentions that the 90 minute DVD/Blu-ray/digital download version will include material not to be aired in the televised version (which I find odd since 90 minutes perfectly fits a televised movie time slot, so I'm going to go with the hopes that the DVD version will be even longer), and * that the Blu-ray version will contain "some deleted sequences that didn't make even the extended DVD cut", but I'm not sure that this will be true except if perhaps some additional content and scenes are made available through BD-Live after-the-fact. I hope it's not the case since I don't want to have to buy the more expensive Blu-ray version simply for extra deleted scenes, but will feel compelled to if there are scenes that will not be available on standard DVD.


Poll: Caprica

How did we like the Caprica pilot? In general, we liked it, but I think it will be hard pressed to live up to our beloved BSG. A good amount of people were impartial or even disappointed with it, but some or holding off on an opinion until we get a better look at the series when it airs in (January) 2010. Some haven't even seen it yet, and a couple of us were outright repelled by it. Here's the final result of the Caprica poll:

Loved it
16 (27%)
Liked it
13 (22%)
It was just okay
12 (20%)
Didn't care for it
5 (8%)
Detest it
2 (3%)
Haven't seen it yet
4 (6%)
Might get around to seeing it
3 (5%)
Don't plan on seeing it ever
4 (6%)
Awesome FX
9 (15%)
Horrible FX
2 (3%)
Not sci-fi enough
5 (8%)
Just enough sci-fi
7 (12%)
Saving opinion for 2010
7 (12%)
Waiting to watch until series airs
5 (8%)
It sucked me in
6 (10%)
Couldn't make the leap of faith
7 (12%)
Wild with anticipation for more
7 (12%)
Made me uninterested in series
5 (8%)
Generally intrigued
12 (20%)

Total Votes: 58

Look out for the new BSG on DVD poll! (It doubles as a countdown to July 28!)