The Plan coming to DVD in October

Various sources from around the web have been reporting that the DVD (and Blu-ray and digital download) for The Plan will be released on October 27. Surprised? I was, especially since the last thing we heard about the actual airing of The Plan on SyFy (formerly the Sci Fi Channel) was that it would be in November. We still don't know for sure when the actual air date will be, and maybe since David Howe, SyFy prez, said it would air in November "the plan" has changed (pun intended). Or maybe they really will air it after the DVD, kind of like how they put the Caprica pilot out on DVD long before we will see it air? That seems a bit unlikely, since The Plan is by no means a pilot... or is it? Ever hopeful! (The Wall Street Journal describes The Plan in a just as interesting and hopeful way)

High-Def Digest has some details on the Blu-ray version, which we can probably safely assume will have the same bonus features as standard DVD, save for the exclusive Blu-ray features of scene bookmarking and the interactive "Battlestar Trivia"*.

PR Newswire has some additional information on the bonus features, and mentions that the DVD/Blu-ray (and digital download will be a 90 minute uncensored version.

Airlock Alpha mentions that the 90 minute DVD/Blu-ray/digital download version will include material not to be aired in the televised version (which I find odd since 90 minutes perfectly fits a televised movie time slot, so I'm going to go with the hopes that the DVD version will be even longer), and * that the Blu-ray version will contain "some deleted sequences that didn't make even the extended DVD cut", but I'm not sure that this will be true except if perhaps some additional content and scenes are made available through BD-Live after-the-fact. I hope it's not the case since I don't want to have to buy the more expensive Blu-ray version simply for extra deleted scenes, but will feel compelled to if there are scenes that will not be available on standard DVD.

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