I finally got over the initial frustration at changing over from the old Blogger to the new, and it ain't all that bad (well it was, but see below to find out why it ain't no mo). In fact, nothing is really different, except now I have a snazzy new Google account to sign in with. As for anyone who is interested in contributing to this "forum" (I'd rather not call it a blog, since I hoped this would be an open discussion forum type thing), and has a Blogger account, but hasn't switched to the "new Blogger" yet, here's the deal-i-o...

As far as I understand it, since I started this blog under the new Blogger platform/interface, anyone who contributes to this blog must also be a "new Blogger" user - that is to say, you will have to sign in using a Google account, or create a new one, which is free.

Also, from what I understand, I do not beleive that changing over to new Blogger status will affect your old Blogger status in any significant way, except you will sign in using a Google account instead. I don't think it will affect other group Blogger blogs that still operate under the old Blogger rules. Say that ten times fast.

If you have any worries as to whether changing to new Blogger will affect your old Blogger group blogs, you could start a new Google account that is not associated with your other "old Blogger" account. Blogger/Google is aiming to eventually switch everyone to the new system anyway, so doing this may be superfluous... which brings me to one more issue...

Do you have a gmail account? If you do, beware - when you create a Google account, it may ask if you have a gmail address (because technically, if you have a gmail address, that IS also a Google account). I have gmail, and I really, really hated the fact that when I converted to new Blogger. I ended up permanently connecting my Blogger account to my gmail. I dunno, call me finicky, but I just hated that. So you know what I did? I deleted my gmail account LOL! Well, first I sent myself another gmail invite to another email. ANYHEW - just thought I would give a heads up to those who may have gmail, and maybe also the old Blogger account - if you don't want your new Blogger/Google account to be a permanently attachment to your gmail account, I recommend creating a BRAND NEW Google account (NOT associated with gmail - you can use any other email for a Google account, of which you can change whenever you want. If you use gmail however, it is PERMANENT). Some people might love this integration. I might have, except I ddn't know it would be a permanent thing - and I use(d) that gmail account for stuff I'd rather not be connected in any way to my online fangirl life. *Blush*

So there are all the warnings, bells, and whistles. I'm going to start sending out some invites to this thing soon, and if you somehow miraculously got directed here (I will be trying to campaign for the show some, before the end of February rating reviews), and are wanting to contribute; either comment here or contact me for an invite. I'll... um... put up some sort of contact info here soon (may open yet another email for it) - or if you know my from my starwars.com blog, try the contact blogger function there.

Like I said before, I'll be trying to jazz up this blog/site a lttle more, and hopefully it will be a fun place to kick back and rant about skin jobs and other BSG stuff. I see this being a slow start... the Blogger change over thing, I'm busy (I have two and a half jobs and am a student), everyone is busy... but I just felt like I needed another outlet for one of my new and growing fandoms. My name is jkthunder... come, join me by my fire. Maybe I'll need a cool new BSG SN.

Season 3 is rocking! Scuse me while I watch yet another replay of the latest episode "Taking a Break From All Your Worries"


Hating blogger beta - photo album

This might really suck and deter busy people from coming here at all. I switched to the beta thing here at blogger the other night. I was trying to get this blog started up, and blogger was giving me frak (and it's server was being a frakker) so I went and switched to beta after the messages nailed it into me that it was the only way to go, especially if I wanted to start a new blog here. It seems to have frakked with the other blogs I use here, and my and others ability to post on those blogs. Oooh, but we can keep the old templates. Big frakkin deal. Even though I did try the new beta "custom template" thing. Frakkin suct. I like CSS nd HTML access. I'm an old dog.

Edited on 2-3-2009 for use as an in-blog photo album

Frakkin toasters.


Starting up

I just couldn't help myself. Like I needed yet another fangirl activity online. I barely have time to post on starwars.com anymore, but maybe that has a little to do with waning enthusiasm presently. That brings me to the purpose of starting up this blog. I find myself, more often than not, wanting to talk about the new Battlestar Galactica series over at the SW OS, but I was starting to feel bad about not discussing Star Wars itself in the OS space. And there certainly is lots to talk about with the new BSG. I decided to stop holding back, and just create this space for that purpose, with hopes that some of the people I've come to know and respect at sw.com, who also enjoy BSG, will contribute thier thoughts over here I'm leaving this blog relatively public at the moment (unless it gets out of hand - but I have the feeling traffic will be low here to start), so if you've found your way over here and want to contribute, drop a comment.

This will be under construction a bit, as I try and make up some jazzy graphics for the header I'm thinking of tweaking the background to that funny clipped corner paper shape they use in the BSG 'verse.

I also wanted to start out by posting some youtube vids of some great bloopers from the previous seasons I had found there before. looks like those videos were a breach of copywrite somehow, and aren't there anymore I think they were presented at one of the comic cons a year or so ago. Maybe they're saving them for future DVD content.

I did find a few things on you tube though. Let's see if these get removed soon too. Enjoy while you can:

A little something from season 3

I forget. was this on the DVD?

These next 4 were definitely scammed, obviously, but this is something like what I found on youtube before..

Apparently, the embed code was requested to not be displayed for the others, so here are the links:




Those last few Bloopers are hardly worth it, but I hope the whole thing is available to see outside comic cons at some point.

Eagerly awaiting next weekend, Sunday, January 21, for the continuation of new season 3 episodes This show has a way of making you want more and more after the end of each episode, story arc, and season. Man, I hope Starbuck and Apollo finally get together.

The teasers for the continuation of season 3 have been something about "someone will die, someone will find out they are a cylon" and one other thing. I'd say baltar is the cylon, but that seems too easy. maybe he will finally become convinced he's a cylon, even though he may not be. Who will die? My guess is Dualla or Anders. I hope it's not Helo, but you never know. Sharon maybe?

What do you all think?