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I just couldn't help myself. Like I needed yet another fangirl activity online. I barely have time to post on starwars.com anymore, but maybe that has a little to do with waning enthusiasm presently. That brings me to the purpose of starting up this blog. I find myself, more often than not, wanting to talk about the new Battlestar Galactica series over at the SW OS, but I was starting to feel bad about not discussing Star Wars itself in the OS space. And there certainly is lots to talk about with the new BSG. I decided to stop holding back, and just create this space for that purpose, with hopes that some of the people I've come to know and respect at sw.com, who also enjoy BSG, will contribute thier thoughts over here I'm leaving this blog relatively public at the moment (unless it gets out of hand - but I have the feeling traffic will be low here to start), so if you've found your way over here and want to contribute, drop a comment.

This will be under construction a bit, as I try and make up some jazzy graphics for the header I'm thinking of tweaking the background to that funny clipped corner paper shape they use in the BSG 'verse.

I also wanted to start out by posting some youtube vids of some great bloopers from the previous seasons I had found there before. looks like those videos were a breach of copywrite somehow, and aren't there anymore I think they were presented at one of the comic cons a year or so ago. Maybe they're saving them for future DVD content.

I did find a few things on you tube though. Let's see if these get removed soon too. Enjoy while you can:

A little something from season 3

I forget. was this on the DVD?

These next 4 were definitely scammed, obviously, but this is something like what I found on youtube before..

Apparently, the embed code was requested to not be displayed for the others, so here are the links:




Those last few Bloopers are hardly worth it, but I hope the whole thing is available to see outside comic cons at some point.

Eagerly awaiting next weekend, Sunday, January 21, for the continuation of new season 3 episodes This show has a way of making you want more and more after the end of each episode, story arc, and season. Man, I hope Starbuck and Apollo finally get together.

The teasers for the continuation of season 3 have been something about "someone will die, someone will find out they are a cylon" and one other thing. I'd say baltar is the cylon, but that seems too easy. maybe he will finally become convinced he's a cylon, even though he may not be. Who will die? My guess is Dualla or Anders. I hope it's not Helo, but you never know. Sharon maybe?

What do you all think?



jkthunder said...


Darth Rex0 said...

I'm here and will be checking in. Like you said, I'm sure I will hit spoilers, so my visits my be infrequent until I catch up.

Darth Rex0 said...

I'm here, though my visits will be infrequent until I get caught up. Great idea!

Marvolo said...

You've definitely summed up my fannish dilemma these days. Updates to my OS blog have been lacking, and I honestly, I just can't stop rambling about BSG! Heck, I can't even write about Star Trek without bringing it up. The problem is, I'm reluctant to join a large BSG-centric community, fearing it will eat up too much of my spare time and favouring a smaller, more relaxed atmosphere for my online BSG ramblings. So I was very excited to learn about this site. A community of familiar faces (er...avatars) who happen to be Battlestar as well as Star Wars fans!

Sign me up!

(I think my email should be in my Blogger profile.)

Rive Caedo said...

Does the Season 3 gag real include anything from 3.5? I'm scared to watch it :)

Mmm, I saw the older gag reels a few months back too. But that non-cammed one is the best stuff anyway.

*continues working on his Baltarstar pilot script*

Hansgirl3 said...

Liked the bloopers reel...

I probably shouldn't have watched it quite yet, but OH WELL!! :D LMAO!!! I hope I didn't get spoiled too much! ;)