Finally! The Frak blog Caprica series roundup

Better late than never I s'pose ;)

Here's what we know so far about the upcoming Caprica series from various sources:

The Wired blog summarizes it pretty well, thanks to TVAddict as a source
  • Caprica is set 51 years before the planet goes nuclear.
  • The show will portray the inhabitants of Caprica as a seedy bunch, "reading like an episode of HBO’s The Wire."
  • The pilot is filled with political intrigue, racial prejudice, religious zealots, "and a seriously cool take on Second Life courtesy of (the fictional company) Graystone Industries million dollar idea, the HoloBand."
  • Father and billionaire scientist Daniel Graystone is busy worrying that, "his company is on the verge of losing the government contract for the Robot Super-soldier and Meta-Cognitive Processor after wasting five years and half a billion cubits."
  • His wife, Amanda, is cheating on him with his chief rival Tomas Vergis (a Tauron).
  • His daughter Zoey joins an organization called, 'Soldiers of One' -- "a monotheistic religious group that advocates the worship of a single, all-knowing, all powerful God whose mission is to, 'drive out the many Gods.'"
  • Act one ends with a violent act of terrorism that kills Ben and Zoey as well as innocent bystanders Shannon and Tamara, wife and daughter of Joseph Adams. Cue world beats opening credits.
  • Graystone and Adams befriend each other in grief and decide to use the technology at Graystone Industries to download both daughters' consciences into the cybernetic life-form nodes (or Cylons) that are currently in R&D at the company.
  • By the end of the pilot, Adams and Graystone are enemies, torn apart by ethical differences.
TVAddict source article

Another TVAddict article on Caprica casting. It could be you!

A TV Squad commentary on the casting news

Earlier reportings on Caprica from Cinemablend

'Exclusive' Caprica Pilot Preview from E! Online

Because we care...

Some odds and ends on Battlestar Galactica from around the web:

Because we care what The New York Times has to say, here's their April 4th prelude to season 4 -

Space Opera Returns: One Last Step for Mankind

Also, a BuddyTV write up on the Virtuality series that I didn't previously post. Be sure to link to the Hollywood Reporter article in there as well.

The rumor that wins the scariest yet potentially most fun award goes out to this proposed film trilogy:
Looking to develop its own homegrown franchises, Tom Cruise's United Artists banner is embarking on a space odyssey with Ronald D. Moore, the man behind Sci Fi Channel's "Battlestar Galactica."
- from Yahoo news

Not much else going on at Ron Moore's blog except a podcast server issue roller coaster ride. As of April 24th, the podcasts are up (again) at scifi.com.

Last but not least, some clips from a documentary screened at the recent Bear McCreary concert "Music of BSG" in LA:

What concert you ask? Let James Callis tell you

... and he'll sing for you too. "Spooky"

Very cool BSG sounds with Raya. "Lords of Kobol"

NYCC 08 Galactica panel roundup

I've been trying to harvest some online coverage of NYCC 08 and the Galactica panel, but frankly it's a little scant. Must be because not a whole lotta breakthrough information came out of it.

It was a full Cylon panel (even though we wouldn't have said that before April 4th), and they spoke about their characters a bit. Here's a few accounts of the event from:

comicbookresources.com NYCC 08 BSG

ign.com NYCC 08 BSG

Here's a 6 part youtube posting of the panel (thanks ProgGRl)







RDM project 'Virtuality' coming to Fox

Let's just hope Fox can step up and not pull another Firefly. Looks as though Ron Moore's credentials may have helped bring the proposed series Virtuality to fruition.

Variety reports:
Universal Media Studios is behind the sci-fi drama, which follows 12 astronauts who are sent on a 10-year journey to find a distant solar system. The explorers pass the time by hooking up to advanced virtual reality modules to explore self-created worlds. But they discover someone has downloaded a computer bug into the system -- and one of them may be the saboteur...

"Virtuality" also comes with a hefty online component: As part of the plot, the space voyage is funded by a reality show that features the trip being streamed back to Earth. That "reality show" will be produced as webisodes, featuring the same cast members.


Battlestar Video

A more recent video blog, a Q&A with EJO, and another video blog getting intimate with cast and crew...

This first one could be mid-level spoilerly for the next episode:

If you haven't heard by now... Caprica is greenlighted

More apologies for the semi-hiatus, and this may be old news but this wouldn't be a BSG blog without some mention of the new Caprica series being given a go by the SciFi/NBCU network. This time it's really, really, officially official. More articles and interviews to come, but for now - Caprica's imdb page is updated, as well as on Wikipedia proper, and Battlestar Wiki never disappoints either. Check any of these liks for the know plot synopsis so far.

Deep Battlestar thoughts

Over at io9 they're digging into some potential Battlestar clues (or possible Easter eggish errors?) that are sprinkled throughout the various episodes. Nice work guys, and to answer your question - I probably average about two viewings of each episode at first airing, then I rewatch as the season progresses since there's so many frakking references!

Lessons in Battlestar Galactica music

First lesson: I'm not the only one, and I'm probably in the majority, who has no idea what the main Battlestar theme lyrics are. But it doesn't mean it ain't catchy...

Thanks to blog.wired.com.

Lesson 2: Woah, it's not even in English. It's Sanskrit. And some other Battlestar tracks feature other languages like Irish!

Lesson 3: This really has all happened before, and it will all happen again... except a little different.


Michael Hogan and James Callis Q&As

There are some fresh new Q&As with Michael Hogan and James Callis (Saul Tigh and Gaius Baltar respectively) up over at the official BSG site at scifi.com. Click here to watch.

If you've never watched these before, they are fun conversations with fans from the forums at the OS (who blasted my account during the reconstruction ><) and the cast from BSG. We haven't seen Michael or James until now, and there are some great multi-part sessions with Mary McDonnell, Grace Park, Tricia Helfer, and Lucy Lawless too! Sorry to those of you outside the USA if you can't view this video either.