Because we care...

Some odds and ends on Battlestar Galactica from around the web:

Because we care what The New York Times has to say, here's their April 4th prelude to season 4 -

Space Opera Returns: One Last Step for Mankind

Also, a BuddyTV write up on the Virtuality series that I didn't previously post. Be sure to link to the Hollywood Reporter article in there as well.

The rumor that wins the scariest yet potentially most fun award goes out to this proposed film trilogy:
Looking to develop its own homegrown franchises, Tom Cruise's United Artists banner is embarking on a space odyssey with Ronald D. Moore, the man behind Sci Fi Channel's "Battlestar Galactica."
- from Yahoo news

Not much else going on at Ron Moore's blog except a podcast server issue roller coaster ride. As of April 24th, the podcasts are up (again) at scifi.com.

Last but not least, some clips from a documentary screened at the recent Bear McCreary concert "Music of BSG" in LA:

What concert you ask? Let James Callis tell you

... and he'll sing for you too. "Spooky"

Very cool BSG sounds with Raya. "Lords of Kobol"

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