Styles that last: elements from the original BSG that are still cool

As I wait for the DVD of the mini-series that launched the new BSG, I checked out an episode of the original series on my DVR. The episode was called Fire in Space, I believe. The story was what I remembered: cheesy 70's greatness that I loved as a five-year old. However, there were some stylistic elements to the original series that really stood out to me as I watched almost 30 years later. There are many elements of the original Battlestar Galactica that may be dated, but are still very cool.
  • The opening theme: Decades later it still gets me going.
  • The clothes: I know, I know. The outfits are really straight out of the 70's. But, there is a sense of style to those clothes that I think is really cool. I love the pilot's brown outfits and the officers blue outfits. While they are products of a very specific time, there is something about them that I think still works. When I watch the original Star Wars trilogy, I get a similar feeling. The hairstyles and costumes in those films are often very dated, but still very cool. I feel the same way about the original BSG.
  • The Cylons: They still look incredibly cool and menacing. And those voices are some of the best designed villain voices ever. And the word "Cylon" is awesome as well. As Star Wars proved, a hero is only as cool as the villain he fights. The Cylons were outstanding.
  • The starfighter design: I really dig the Galactica's starfighters. That long-nosed design is still cool.
  • The launch tubes for the starfighters: I had forgotten about this until I was watching this episode. The turbo acceleration down those launch tubes is so very cool. I loved that as a kid.
  • Daggits: As a kid, I wanted my own half-dog, half-robot creation. It looked cool and I loved how it sounded as it moved. Watching it now, it's still a cool concept. When I was five, I wanted a daggit and Tweeky from Buck Rogers.
Those are just a few things that really jumped out to me in rewatching this episode of the original series. While it is certainly a dated show, I think it stands up quite well to a second look.


Frak from the 70's

I figured I'd use my posting powers for a moment over here. Since I haven't seen any of the new BSG, I'm definitely a newb in these parts. However, I did watch a few minutes of The Story So Far on the sci-fi website, just to get a feel for things. Whoa, that looked really cool. I'm waiting for the original mini-series to come to me from the local library. So, once I've watched that, I won't be so newb.

In the meantime, I watched the beginning of an old episode on my DVR. In it, the original Boomer used "Frak". I didn't realize that Frak came from the original series. I thought it was a new BSG thing. Somehow it seems weird to think of an f-word synonym being used on a show I loved as a 5-year old. And, man, seeing those opening credits of the old series got me so revved up again. It's still cool after all these years.

Once I watch the mini-series, I'll let you know what I thought.


Hello. My Name IS n00b...

OK, so I just want to make sure I understand....you have all seen all of BSG up to season three?? Yes? No? Rex, are you here? I know you're behind, too. I am on season one, disc three, just finished all of Act of Contrition (last of Disc two) and I want to make sure I'm allowed to talk about all of this here. I've caught hell for giving spoilers elsewhere, soooooooooooooooo...

Have to say this...I was on my treadmill, sweating my ass off, and before I knew it, the "To Be Continued" Act of Contrition" was over. I let out a loud, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!! which, I realize, would have been more appropriate had I said FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK, but I'll know for next time.

I'm going to use this blog, jk, for my own thoughts on BSG....since that's what you created it for, right? RIGHT??? But since I don't want to piss off the purple dinosaur or anyone else who might be even more of a BSG n00b than I am, I won't say another word right now until I get the A-OK to do so!

Can I just say I love Kara Thrace?


Marathon, stuff, and things

I'm posting the upcoming season 3 marathon schedule on the Sci Fi channel here so I can remember, and maybe for any of you who want to set your DVRs or VCRs:

SCI FI EAST May. 16, 2007 (Wednesday):
08:00 AM

09:00 AM

10:00 AM

11:00 AM

12:00 PM

01:00 PM

02:00 PM

SCI FI EAST May. 17, 2007 (Thursday):
08:00 AM

09:00 AM

10:00 AM

11:00 AM

12:00 PM

01:00 PM

02:00 PM

SCI FI EAST May. 18, 2007 (Friday):
08:00 AM

09:00 AM

10:00 AM

11:00 AM

12:00 PM

01:00 PM

LOL - I didn't expect it to copy and paste like that! I think all the titles are linked to the scifi.com BSG site.

Anyway - they are also rerunning season 3 on a weekly track. I didn't realize it until now, but they have been airing episodes on Saturday mornings at 2am (or Friday night, depending on your sleeping habits :p). They already showed up to Exodus Part 2 as of last Saturday, May 5th, so Collaborators will air next on the 12th. Just another way to rewatch season 3, since I imagine it won't go to DVD until closer to the fall.

This is all by the schedulebot I get for scifi.com which is Eastern Standard Time. Times might be different for folks in other areas.

Woah - and there is a full back to back season one Heroes marathon on Saturday, May 19th.


...and for some reason I thought this little news tidbit was interesting enough to post:

The SCI FI Channel will be featured as a category on Jeopardy!, Tuesday May 8!SCI FI on Jeopardy!

I used to watch Jeopardy. Maybe I'll have to watch this to test my mad BSG skillz.


Also.. has anyone checked out the "fan films" for BSG on scifi.com? I saw a couple of the films back when it started up - not too bad. I mentioned this though, because there are some cool audio and video downloads available in the video maker toolkit thingy they have on the site. I already downloaded all the audio files :D

Maybe I'll try and throw something together and enter it. Hmmmm



Your Top 10

Here's a little happy fun time task for you all, inspired by Rive's wise crack comment in the last entry (thanks for the background image BTW Rive, much easier to read me thinks), also inspired by the infamous Stooge's top tenners (hey, I think I'll invite the old muppet over here).

Make a list of the top ten things you're going to do while waiting a frakking eon for season 4 to start, and post it here in your own entry.

Here's my list:

#10 - Shave my head, let it grow out, shave it again, then let it grow out until it is the same length it is now (which is rather long).

#9 - Polish up my armor. Shiny!

#8 - Drink myself into oblivion, then go to rehab.

#7 - Get out of rehab and have a Frak Party!!

#6 - Back to rehab I go (it was a pretty good Frak Party)

#5 - Polish me armor again matey, and all me friend's armor too.

#4 - *sigh* I suppose I'll watch everything on DVD so far AGAIN... not once, not twice, but THRACE... as in Kara!

#3 - Finally, I'll get around to watching the original series *and* the movie... maybe even twice or Thrace each!

#2 - I'll prolly watch the Star Wars saga over and over, and cry about not being at C4 :(

#2.5 - (Hey, if they can make a season 2.5, I can have it on my list too!) I think I'll take up knitting again and make several hats.

And the #1 thing I will do by the time season 4 is aired....

- Age!

(erm - there aren't really a lot of old people on BSG to fully illustrate this point :D)



Said the joker to the theif...

My bad - I didn't realize I had this blog set to "moderate comments". So, months have passed and I figured no one was really interested in doing this group BSG blog thang...

Sooooo. Alrighty then. I did send out a few invites, and now the comments are free and open, without any of my meddling. Guess I was paranoid about cylon infiltration. With that being said, I don't make my emails too public on the net, so if you want to join here, and also don't want to post your email in a comment here, then follow this link to my starwars.com blog, and send me a message by using the "contact blogger" tool.

And any of you already here - drag your BSG lovin' friends over here too.

Cheers :D