Frak from the 70's

I figured I'd use my posting powers for a moment over here. Since I haven't seen any of the new BSG, I'm definitely a newb in these parts. However, I did watch a few minutes of The Story So Far on the sci-fi website, just to get a feel for things. Whoa, that looked really cool. I'm waiting for the original mini-series to come to me from the local library. So, once I've watched that, I won't be so newb.

In the meantime, I watched the beginning of an old episode on my DVR. In it, the original Boomer used "Frak". I didn't realize that Frak came from the original series. I thought it was a new BSG thing. Somehow it seems weird to think of an f-word synonym being used on a show I loved as a 5-year old. And, man, seeing those opening credits of the old series got me so revved up again. It's still cool after all these years.

Once I watch the mini-series, I'll let you know what I thought.

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jkthunder said...

they use the frak word much more liberally in the new series i think (havent seen much of the old series) - and they use it "cable channel style" :p

in BSG we have frak. with firelfly we have gorram. using sci-fi geeky swear words is totally cool - the new black.

have to watch those original shows at some point.