Said the joker to the theif...

My bad - I didn't realize I had this blog set to "moderate comments". So, months have passed and I figured no one was really interested in doing this group BSG blog thang...

Sooooo. Alrighty then. I did send out a few invites, and now the comments are free and open, without any of my meddling. Guess I was paranoid about cylon infiltration. With that being said, I don't make my emails too public on the net, so if you want to join here, and also don't want to post your email in a comment here, then follow this link to my starwars.com blog, and send me a message by using the "contact blogger" tool.

And any of you already here - drag your BSG lovin' friends over here too.

Cheers :D


amidalooine said...

I'll be back later, girlfriend!! LOVE YOU!! Love the pic!

jkthunder said...

lol! i was playing with backgrounds *other* than what blogger has to offer. i have a ways to go to make this page look better though.

Hansgirl3 said...

Woo-hoo!! We're here!

I've gotta know how you made the background different! I didn't know that was an option.

I just revamped my blogspot blog (www.invokingthesquee.blogspot.com) a couple of days ago, but it's just a solid color as I didn't like the other pre-done backgrounds. It's got pretty pictures, though... :D

Rive Caedo said...

You might want to consider switching to something darker like this for the background. The white text on the light background is rather hard to read :)

I'm not sure how much I'll post. Because most of it would consist of me making various complaints mostly along the lines of...

"I could have a frakkin' kid before this show is back on!"
"I could get my first interest payment on a 30 year low-yield bond before this show is back on!"
"I could set a world record for playing a guitar behind my back before this show is back on!"
"Scratch that! I'd need to learn how to play the guitar first... which I could also do before this show is back on!"

2008. Frak.


Hansgirl3 said...

I like that background, Rive. Nice!

'Course she could just change the color of the text... :D

jkthunder said...

hey guys!

wow! rive! good to see you ya old pirate!

yeah, i already made the text white, which is about as bright as it gets. I really wanted to format an actual structure to the page, but haven't gotten around to that yet. i think i'll go plop rive's dark background in for now instead though.

i was just getting sick of the same "blogger black" and wasn't really keen on any of their other templates.

i may or may not post much commentary for the time being either, but i hope if any of you have *anything* to say - post a blog here!

some more people might start rolling in too. i just wanted to givre a little push here and there to get this going. i think maybe when the page layout is nicer, people will be more compelled to come around and blab.

by the time season 4 starts, i'll have made my millions making feature movies. i think i have the time to do that :D

but remember 2 things:

- season 3 marathon later this month on sci fi (HD screen shots please rive?)

- the "movie" should be aired this fall. hopefully it will have more oomph than the webisode thing they did before season 3. - ?