Battlestar Galactica this week...

Not too much for news, save for a semi-juicy recent interview with RDM:

First Look: Battlestar Galactica Razor

'we also do things like flash back to the original Cylon wars 40 years ago. We see a young [William] Adama [who will be played by a younger actor, not Edward James Olmos] fighting in a Viper. We move around quite a bit in the chronology of the series.'' Although that chronology won't include any sort of resolution to the season 3 cliffhanger, Moore does guarantee that ''there are some things that happen in Razor that set up things in the fourth season.''

Oh, and Moore says that, yes, he does know who the final unknown Cylon is; yes, whoever is playing that character knows he or she has been anointed; but no, they haven't shot the reveal yet (it will most likely be in the second half of the season).


(heh heh - I posted this in the sw.com Cantina BSG thread, and the yodacon transferred ;)

~Also... a recent post on BuddyTV talks about the economic influences regarding the possible season 4 split and makes it sound like the Caprica series is indeed a real possibility:

"The network is hoping to reach a final decision by January. One of the key factors is figuring out which new shows will be well-suited to accompany Battlestar Galactica, and how much those shows will cost.

One of the shows being considered is the Caprica spin-off series. Network executives believe the spin-off may help retain and expand the loyal Battlestar Galactica fan base, and are even considering a two-hour pilot similar to that of Razor. Should the pilot perform poorly, it will subsequently be sold as a DVD to make up for the losses. On the other hand, should the pilot do well, the network will have a new series to serve up."

~Trekkies and RDM fans will appreciate the appearances by Major/Colonel Kira Nerys aka Nana Visitor in an episode of season 4 of BSG. TrekWeb.com

~ Battlestar Galactica got some mention in this New York Times article:

"Science fiction is one thing: “Battlestar Galactica” has intellectual cachet.

“The humans are pagan polytheists and the robots are monotheists, whose divine jihad is against the humans (even though the former know that the latter created them),” Anthony Gottlieb, the author of “The Dream of Reason: A History of Philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance,” explained off the top of his Blackberry from an airport baggage claim..."

~ Still no new peeps about season 3 on DVD. Looks like everything is on hold until they figure out all the politics over at Sciffy *sighs* (but tell me that picture of Katee Sackhoff doesn't totally rock!)


Resistance webisodes

Last night my wife and I watched the 10 Resistance webisodes in preparation for watching the first episode of Season 3 that recorded a couple nights ago. The webisodes were cool. They were an interesting little glimpse at the state of life in occupied New Caprica City. I'm curious to see if Jammer was leaving to notify the Cylons of the impending Resistance activity. I get the feeling he wouldn't mind seeing Tigh go down. Tigh has a knack for rubbing people the wrong way.

I'm fascinated by Tyrol's ever-expanding beard. Ever since he beat up Callie, married her and had a kid with her, I don't think he's shaved.

I'm also fascinated by the religious practices in this show. In particular, the little figurines of the gods (I'm guessing) are pretty interesting.

All in all, the webisodes were a nice little fill-in between seasons. Nothing spectacular, but definitely interesting. On to Season 3!


Finally... some Battlestar NEWS!

It seems almost everything reported about Battlestar Galactica - the upcoming season 4 possible split, the season 3 DVD set, the fabled Caprica series - has all been heresay with little or no follow-up confirmations. What gives? Well, there is a little trickle of info about all of the above issues reported on TV Guide.com today. One would think it's a pretty reliable source, but then again, they could easily have a lot of facts wrong (and who can blame them, since it's all so frakking confusing). I'll just copy and paste the whole thing, or you can follow this link for the story from the source...

Will Galactica Split Season 4? Plus Spin-off, DVD News

Michael Trucco and Jamie Bamber in Battlestar Galactica by Eike Schroter/Sci Fi Channel Photo

"Sci Fi Channel execs continue to be at odds over whether to cleave the final season of Battlestar Galactica into two 10-episode chunks. As one source tells TV Week, "the money people" are itching to amortize the pricey series across two half-seasons. Showrunner Ronald D. Moore, however, tells the trade it might be better to run all 20 at once, "so [the fans] don't have to wait" — especially since viewers reportedly will "freak out" when they see the ending of Episode 10. A decision on the game plan may not come until January.

Elsewhere, Sci Fi is said to be pondering a two-hour standalone Caprica spin-off movie that, if successful, would serve as a pilot for a new character-driven, less-action-heavy series.

Also, TVGuide.com has learned that the Season 3 DVD set isn't due out until spring 2008.

Good: RDM seems to be putting his two cents in about keeping season 4 together for the shttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifake of the viewers. Also, especially awesome is the hopeful news about the Caprica series, which I would personally love to see.

Bad: I hope they aren't confusing the Caprica series with the Razor movie, as some other media sources have done, but I don't believe they are. The really bad news is the push for the season 3 DVD set. Spring 2008? Gah!

The way they worded this also implies that a possible season split really is for the money, although this report could easily be hyping up non-information anyway. It does make sense if they are considering a Caprica series though, since if Sciffy let BSG season 4 play itself out without a long hiatus, their main attraction would be gone sooner. Therefore, the promise of more Battlestar in some shape or form would make up for the loss.

Edit - Another article on the same subject, but a little more in depth and closer to source.


No Battlestar reruns in October

Sorry about any misinformation everyone. I reported on Aug 30, after zealously scanning the Sci Fi schedule-bot (which only showed August and September at the time) that season 3 of Battlestar Galactica would loop back to the beginning and rerun again starting September 21/22 at 2am. Occupation, season 3 episode 1, will be aired that night, and the following week (September 28/29 at 2am) episode 2 of season 3, Precipice, will also be aired.

Now that I see the October scheduling, it looks as though it is blocked out with Halloween programming and the like, and no Battlestar Galactica anywhere. I jumped the gun on that one, but it's kind of strange - why wouldn't they rerun the rest of season 3 right up to the Razor special on November 24. I mean, they have enough time to do exactly that - interlacing with the Razor mini-sodes during the final lap (which will start airing in October during Flash Gordon: Fridays at 9pm). Oh right. Silly me. I forgot this is SciFi (SNAP), and that would be way too much Battlestar Galactica at one time. Like they don't have Star Trek, Stargate, and Beast Master on 3 or 4 times a day each or anything. Funny. It seems like they might be trying to lure viewership from their flagship show to try and save the Flash flop or somthing. If you think about it, it is a pretty slick business move.

Maybe... just MAYBE, we'll get another season 3 marathon like they did back in the spring. I mean, it's the least they can do, and they are having marathons for other lesser shows all the time!

I'm still excited for Razor and the mini-sodes, even if I don't give a whoop about Caine - it's still new and it will give us another perspective of the Battlestar world.

This picture is for you rj ;)

On a more positive note - The two part season finale of season 3 begins tonight (or tomorrow) at 2am with Crossroads part 1, and part 2 will be the same time next week. I'm up for that... well my VHS is at least :D


Split this SciFi!

Heh - Quite a stir, but probably over nothing much more than an exaggeration of something that was inevitable in some shape or form...

It seems as though SciFi spokespeople have felt the stir created by Bamber and Douglas last week at D*C, and while it has been known for a long time that a split in season 4 was likely to occur, it was never confirmed as to how long the split was to be. SciFi execs are still mapping everything out, but for now - keep vocal (and civil) fans! If the decisions are unfavorable, there are things that can be done (and no, I don't mean by mass toaster mailing campaign. That's so 2005!).

The Watcher, September 5, 2007:

“I know people are anxious but there is no news yet,” regarding when the second and final block of Season 4 episodes will air, a Sci Fi Channel spokeswoman added.

Imagine you’re right in the middle of the final Harry Potter book – but then someone takes it away from you and you’re denied the pleasure of reading the concluding chapters. For a year.

SyFy Portal, September 5, 2007:

"We were told that SciFi was thinking about splitting the final season, but we do not know how long the gap in that split will be," producer David Weddle told SyFy Portal's Michael Hinman. "As far as I know, SciFi has not decided yet. The SciFi Channel executives are the only ones who will be able to answer that question, once they've arrived at a decision."

If I have to wait 10 months to a year, can I at least have an animated series or something in between? Please?

BSG Season 2.5: scattered thoughts

Some scattered thoughts on BSG Season 2.5, now that I'm done. Spoilers ahead. Cross-posted at Geek Rebellion.

  • The finale was pretty sweet. I dug the jump ahead a year. It was a nice shake-up to the "on the run" scenario that encompassed the first two years.
  • Just when I was starting to develop a smidge of sympathy for Baltar, he turns into the worst president you could imagine. That guy is all groin. So, Gada (sp?) is his aide now? Interesting.
  • It seems like something happened between Starbuck and Apollo that really put their relationship on the deep freeze. I'm assuming it was something more than Starbuck being rude to Apollo about D.
  • Either Apollo put on some real weight for the scenes one year in the future or they did some good prosthetics.
  • They sure got complacent after a year of no Cylons. I like that the fleet was so ill-prepared that they had to jump away. Good dramatic tension.
  • So, Apollo puts on some weight and doesn't shave everyday and his dad grows a mustache. It's funny the things that can be done to show that a year has passed.
  • New Caprica City looks like a little slice of gray heaven. I suppose it's better than living on a ship, but not by much.
  • I really dig the Dean Stockwell Cylon. Cool character and well-acted.
  • Now I'm really not sure what the Cylon's plan is. Why are they just occupying New Caprica? What's their goal?
  • So, the Chief and Callie are having a baby, eh? Good for them.
  • Now, it's on to the webisodes and the terrible wait until Sci-Fi starts at the beginning of Season 3 in a couple weeks.


Season 4 sit-rep

Some news is starting to trickle in from the Battlestar Galactica panel at Dragon-Con, and some really ominous rumours to boot. Word has it that Jamie Bamber and Aaron Douglas had a little roast at the expense of Sci Fi Channel politics, and supposedly "joked" that season 4 was to be split into two stints of ten episodes each, the first half being aired in February 2008, and the second the following February. I've checked around some of the forums and it seems that this truly is a false alarm by attendees of the panel who accepted Bamber and Douglas's gesture as a joke. Many others are skeptical. It's not like we haven't heard "slips" from the actors before that were later confirmed as truth. Nor is it so far fetched to believe the Sci Fi channel would do this, since the second season of BSG was similarly split along with other scheduling catastrophes for other programs.

First report from Ain't it Cool

Rumor catches on at Buddy TV

The fan-world goes nuts, and is undecided as to the validity

Frown not fans. Here's a wonderful thing that came from Dragoncon: An interview with Jamie Bamber. Some great words in there!

Other recent S4 stuffs:

In the span of a week, we thought Kevin Smith was going to guest-direct an episode of BSG in season 4, but it looks like that's a no-go. I stated my feelings on this previously, and I really have respect for Kevin Smith in his own right. He actually, and very humbly, describes in his own blog what happened, and the reasons why he was hesitant himself are exactly the reasons I was hesitant to be enthusiastic about the prospect of a Smith directed BSG episode.

In the meantime, I'm sitting on my hands until an official statement is made concerning the season 4 split.

Here's some news for fans of Ye Olde Tyme BSG... BSG 1980 on DVD rumors!