Season 4 sit-rep

Some news is starting to trickle in from the Battlestar Galactica panel at Dragon-Con, and some really ominous rumours to boot. Word has it that Jamie Bamber and Aaron Douglas had a little roast at the expense of Sci Fi Channel politics, and supposedly "joked" that season 4 was to be split into two stints of ten episodes each, the first half being aired in February 2008, and the second the following February. I've checked around some of the forums and it seems that this truly is a false alarm by attendees of the panel who accepted Bamber and Douglas's gesture as a joke. Many others are skeptical. It's not like we haven't heard "slips" from the actors before that were later confirmed as truth. Nor is it so far fetched to believe the Sci Fi channel would do this, since the second season of BSG was similarly split along with other scheduling catastrophes for other programs.

First report from Ain't it Cool

Rumor catches on at Buddy TV

The fan-world goes nuts, and is undecided as to the validity

Frown not fans. Here's a wonderful thing that came from Dragoncon: An interview with Jamie Bamber. Some great words in there!

Other recent S4 stuffs:

In the span of a week, we thought Kevin Smith was going to guest-direct an episode of BSG in season 4, but it looks like that's a no-go. I stated my feelings on this previously, and I really have respect for Kevin Smith in his own right. He actually, and very humbly, describes in his own blog what happened, and the reasons why he was hesitant himself are exactly the reasons I was hesitant to be enthusiastic about the prospect of a Smith directed BSG episode.

In the meantime, I'm sitting on my hands until an official statement is made concerning the season 4 split.

Here's some news for fans of Ye Olde Tyme BSG... BSG 1980 on DVD rumors!


RJ said...

A season 4 split would be wacky. It sounds like they were joking, but I'll deal if it comes to that. I share your thoughts about a Kevin Smith episode. I don't want that in BSG.

amidalooine said...

Love the interview with Jamie Bamber....loved the line he said about "we're all growing up..." or whatever (can't find it now to quote it). Smart guy.

Since I HAVE to get back on the treadmill, I think I'll go pick up where I was in season one (although I'm dying to watch Firefly again...).

Hansgirl3 said...

Oh, please, please, PLEASE let Galactica 1980 come out on DVD! I didn't like most of the episodes, but some were good and I LOVED the Return of Starbuck episode (naturally). :)