Split this SciFi!

Heh - Quite a stir, but probably over nothing much more than an exaggeration of something that was inevitable in some shape or form...

It seems as though SciFi spokespeople have felt the stir created by Bamber and Douglas last week at D*C, and while it has been known for a long time that a split in season 4 was likely to occur, it was never confirmed as to how long the split was to be. SciFi execs are still mapping everything out, but for now - keep vocal (and civil) fans! If the decisions are unfavorable, there are things that can be done (and no, I don't mean by mass toaster mailing campaign. That's so 2005!).

The Watcher, September 5, 2007:

“I know people are anxious but there is no news yet,” regarding when the second and final block of Season 4 episodes will air, a Sci Fi Channel spokeswoman added.

Imagine you’re right in the middle of the final Harry Potter book – but then someone takes it away from you and you’re denied the pleasure of reading the concluding chapters. For a year.

SyFy Portal, September 5, 2007:

"We were told that SciFi was thinking about splitting the final season, but we do not know how long the gap in that split will be," producer David Weddle told SyFy Portal's Michael Hinman. "As far as I know, SciFi has not decided yet. The SciFi Channel executives are the only ones who will be able to answer that question, once they've arrived at a decision."

If I have to wait 10 months to a year, can I at least have an animated series or something in between? Please?


RJ said...

Maybe because I'm late in joining the BSG train, but I'm not too upset by the prospect of a split season. As long as I get some level of closure at the end of the show eventually, I'm all good.

starthunder said...

That's great! I'm not so patient, but I'll take what I can get. I'm not too worried about it though. What is worrisome is the reactions to something that was relatively tongue in cheek (Jamie and Aaron busting on SciFi and speculating) and from one person's internet post about the way they perceived it (Ain't it Cool).

LOL - I think everyone has nothing better to do right now but to stew and wait, so of course this gets exacerbated by everyone blogging about it... um, yeah.