Resistance webisodes

Last night my wife and I watched the 10 Resistance webisodes in preparation for watching the first episode of Season 3 that recorded a couple nights ago. The webisodes were cool. They were an interesting little glimpse at the state of life in occupied New Caprica City. I'm curious to see if Jammer was leaving to notify the Cylons of the impending Resistance activity. I get the feeling he wouldn't mind seeing Tigh go down. Tigh has a knack for rubbing people the wrong way.

I'm fascinated by Tyrol's ever-expanding beard. Ever since he beat up Callie, married her and had a kid with her, I don't think he's shaved.

I'm also fascinated by the religious practices in this show. In particular, the little figurines of the gods (I'm guessing) are pretty interesting.

All in all, the webisodes were a nice little fill-in between seasons. Nothing spectacular, but definitely interesting. On to Season 3!


starthunder said...

love that picture of aaron douglas. he's awesome. and lol@ your comment about his beard. he is so "che" in resistance, is he not?

yeah - they aren't as spectacular as BSG season episodes, but they were a nice segue into season 3.

MAN- i dont remember, have you seen the season 3 premiere yet rj?

RJ said...

I have not watched the season 3 premiere yet. It's on my DVR, but I haven't had a chance to view it yet.