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It seems almost everything reported about Battlestar Galactica - the upcoming season 4 possible split, the season 3 DVD set, the fabled Caprica series - has all been heresay with little or no follow-up confirmations. What gives? Well, there is a little trickle of info about all of the above issues reported on TV Guide.com today. One would think it's a pretty reliable source, but then again, they could easily have a lot of facts wrong (and who can blame them, since it's all so frakking confusing). I'll just copy and paste the whole thing, or you can follow this link for the story from the source...

Will Galactica Split Season 4? Plus Spin-off, DVD News

Michael Trucco and Jamie Bamber in Battlestar Galactica by Eike Schroter/Sci Fi Channel Photo

"Sci Fi Channel execs continue to be at odds over whether to cleave the final season of Battlestar Galactica into two 10-episode chunks. As one source tells TV Week, "the money people" are itching to amortize the pricey series across two half-seasons. Showrunner Ronald D. Moore, however, tells the trade it might be better to run all 20 at once, "so [the fans] don't have to wait" — especially since viewers reportedly will "freak out" when they see the ending of Episode 10. A decision on the game plan may not come until January.

Elsewhere, Sci Fi is said to be pondering a two-hour standalone Caprica spin-off movie that, if successful, would serve as a pilot for a new character-driven, less-action-heavy series.

Also, TVGuide.com has learned that the Season 3 DVD set isn't due out until spring 2008.

Good: RDM seems to be putting his two cents in about keeping season 4 together for the shttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifake of the viewers. Also, especially awesome is the hopeful news about the Caprica series, which I would personally love to see.

Bad: I hope they aren't confusing the Caprica series with the Razor movie, as some other media sources have done, but I don't believe they are. The really bad news is the push for the season 3 DVD set. Spring 2008? Gah!

The way they worded this also implies that a possible season split really is for the money, although this report could easily be hyping up non-information anyway. It does make sense if they are considering a Caprica series though, since if Sciffy let BSG season 4 play itself out without a long hiatus, their main attraction would be gone sooner. Therefore, the promise of more Battlestar in some shape or form would make up for the loss.

Edit - Another article on the same subject, but a little more in depth and closer to source.

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Anonymous said...

What the fuck?! Whose stupid idea was it to release the DVD in Spring 08? AFTER Season 4 has already been aired. Now I have to catch up on the series on the internet somehow, and it is getting hard to find these shows because they are getting pulled off the web.