No Battlestar reruns in October

Sorry about any misinformation everyone. I reported on Aug 30, after zealously scanning the Sci Fi schedule-bot (which only showed August and September at the time) that season 3 of Battlestar Galactica would loop back to the beginning and rerun again starting September 21/22 at 2am. Occupation, season 3 episode 1, will be aired that night, and the following week (September 28/29 at 2am) episode 2 of season 3, Precipice, will also be aired.

Now that I see the October scheduling, it looks as though it is blocked out with Halloween programming and the like, and no Battlestar Galactica anywhere. I jumped the gun on that one, but it's kind of strange - why wouldn't they rerun the rest of season 3 right up to the Razor special on November 24. I mean, they have enough time to do exactly that - interlacing with the Razor mini-sodes during the final lap (which will start airing in October during Flash Gordon: Fridays at 9pm). Oh right. Silly me. I forgot this is SciFi (SNAP), and that would be way too much Battlestar Galactica at one time. Like they don't have Star Trek, Stargate, and Beast Master on 3 or 4 times a day each or anything. Funny. It seems like they might be trying to lure viewership from their flagship show to try and save the Flash flop or somthing. If you think about it, it is a pretty slick business move.

Maybe... just MAYBE, we'll get another season 3 marathon like they did back in the spring. I mean, it's the least they can do, and they are having marathons for other lesser shows all the time!

I'm still excited for Razor and the mini-sodes, even if I don't give a whoop about Caine - it's still new and it will give us another perspective of the Battlestar world.

This picture is for you rj ;)

On a more positive note - The two part season finale of season 3 begins tonight (or tomorrow) at 2am with Crossroads part 1, and part 2 will be the same time next week. I'm up for that... well my VHS is at least :D


RJ said...

Now this pisses me off. So, I'll be able to see the first couple episodes but then I'll miss anything up until episode 9. Suck-ass! Maybe the DVD's will come out sometime soon.

starthunder said...

Sorry to have gotten hopes up. I guess I was really hoping.

DVDs by the holidays if we're lucky. I've seen it mentioned that it might not be until January. Just like when they released the 2.5 DVDs a mere three weeks before the season 3 premiere :(

It's things like this that makes torrents so popular.

You mean the picture I posted for you didn't cheer you up some? :D

starthunder said...

BAH! I just found out through the message board vine that season 3 has already been available on DVD in the UK!!

Check out the link in this thread

RJ said...

Now that Cain is dead, I don't mind looking at pictures of her. :)

Maybe nob can send us some DVD's and a player that can read 'em! :P

I've never torrented. Ain't that illegal and stuff? Not that I don't ever break the law...

Hansgirl3 said...

Razor should be really cool! I'm looking forward to it.

I really want to catch the season 3 episodes I missed and then watch the rest, though. Grrr...

Darn the UK! Why would they get them first? :p

starthunder said...

The region 2 DVD set they got in the UK is completely bare bones - I mean they got nada for extras. I guess region 2 releases are often like that, so we can expect at least commentaries, and perhaps some deleted scenes or bonus scenes, maybe some bloopers, video blogs, etc...

But here is the reason why we may NOT get the Resistance webisodes on our DVD set (which is too bad since i would have liked to have seen them at a better resolution on DVD):

...none of the ten Webisodes from Battlestar: Galactica: The Resistance, an Internet-only show that covered events between the second and third seasons. Given the legal complications involved in the rights to the Webisodes - NBC Universal refused to pay or credit the writers then filed a suit against the Writers Guild of America, after which Moore was told not to produce any further Webisodes - these were never likely to appear but it's still something of a disappointment to see Season 3 [region 2] released in largely a bare bones set. - DVD Times UK

That above link has a review of the season 3 DVDs in the UK.