The Epic Journey

That season 4.5 teaser trailer "The Epic Journey" (as seen a couple posts before) has officially "gone live" as per SciFi Wire.

The photo at left was also snagged from scifi.com, with Michael Trucco and Mark Sheppard from the 25th Annual Love Ride this past October. Aw!

53 DAYS!


Helfer on Chuck

There were just way too many ways to go with potential titles for this post, so we'll just go with something straight to the point. If you have any creative suggestions for alternate titles post them in the comments!

Anyway, Nerdom and Geekdom rejoice! Tricia Helfer will be appearing in an episode of NBC's Chuck as Agent Alex Forest aside the also lovely Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin (The man named Jayne), and Zachary Levi.

Tricia will be in episode 18 of season 2, which we won't see until sometime after February 2009. She's only signed on for the one episode, but we're all ever hopeful for more. Certainly something to look forward to, and if you're already a Chuck fan then double bonus! via i09 via EW.com

< Obligatory Tricia glam shot.


Season 4.5 - It's Coming!

i09 has some spiffy new videos concerning season 4.5. First we have some very rudimentary handy-cam footage of a TV airing from the Canadian Space Channel which was a sneak peek at season 4.5. Purists need not click on the following link to i09's article with the video, because even mention of the BSG star who is a guest host/interviewee on the sneak peak could be a potential spoiler! That's just a little of my own speculation, even though I know other reasons why this individual would have made an appearance on this particular venue. Okay then, now that you've been warned, here's the link.

Canadian browsers can watch the clip (in much higher quality) from the Space site here.

Also, as seen on the i09 page, which if you were avoiding the spoilers you can see it here, is a very brief spot for a promise of more sneak peeks of season 4.5 on Thanksgiving day during the James Bond marathon on SciFi. This is mildly spoilery, but so brief I would put it on the lowest level of the spoiler scale. Neither the Space video above or the video below reveal anything resembling plot information.

55 DAYS!


Trail Mix

A mixed bag of goodies for the journey to 1/16. If anything, we have the time now to get creative with blog post themes. I picked out all the raisins for you...

It seems as though the BSG cast might as well start their own biker gang. We know Katee and Tricia enjoy their bikes, and last week Michael Trucco joined with a couple dozen other celebs for the 25th annual Love Ride, which raises money for Southern California charities. This year they won big for Muscular Distrophy. You can see Michael in a few shots by Simon Cherpitel around page 35 and 36.

tvshowsondvd.com gives us a sneak peek at the screen menus for the region 1 DVD release for season 4.0 on January 6. Hey, it's something!

Mary McDonnell's guest appearance on Grey's Anatomy will debut on Thursday, November 13 on ABC. Mary plays Virginia Dixon, a cardiac surgeon (Take that Cottle!). It's still not known how many episodes she'll be in for, as she is also in pre-production for the movie Jimmy Nolan. Spotted on bostonherald.com

Katee Sackhoff should be busy with the pilot for Dick Wolf/NBC's Lost and Found, and in the meantime we're still waiting on the episode of Law & Order where she'll guest star for an episode as a murder suspect. surprisingly, neither of these have shown up on her imdb page yet. A big recent release for Katee is the PS3 exclusive game Resistance 2, which hit stores last week. Katee voices Cassie Aklin who joins Nathan Hale in the resistance movement against the alien Chimera who have been slowly destroying the world. The game has already gotten high ratings, and I plan on picking this sucker up soon, but there are just way too many good new games out lately. Long before the release of the game, there was the Project Abraham viral site in which katee was featured in video clips that gave bits and pieces of the story. If you check the link, they've added new video since the game's release.

What the heck? Just in on the wire is news that Michael Trucco will also be appearing in an episode of Law & Order: SVU as a suspected baddy who slips drugs to the gals! The episode is due to air Dec. 9 (Why do we know this but still don't know when Katee will be on?).


Caprica ready to go

According to a brief mention in this Buddy TV article about McCain and Palin's Cylon identities, production has "wrapped on the pilot for the BSG spin-off Caprica" which is the first I've heard of that. Now that it's ready to go, you can bet that they'll box it (pun intended) until the time is ripe after BSG has seen itself through to the end next spring, but you never know. Here's to hoping.

I just watched the Caprica trailer on SciFi again, and I could swear it's a little different than before, but I haven't seen it in awhile.

Photo from 13th Colony



It's official - CTV has given the green light for 11 episodes of "The Bridge" which stars our very own Aaron Douglas as Frank Leo, an "outspoken union head" (Woah! This remind anyone of the good old days of The Resistance?).

"Based on the insights of veteran insider and outspoken former Toronto police union head Craig Bromell, CTV has ordered 11, one-hour episodes, following the production of a two-hour pilot shot in Toronto last summer. The Bridge provides an unflinching look at the struggle street cops face as they not only battle criminals - but also their own bosses - in order to protect society and, ultimately, themselves." CTV, CNW

Production begins in 2009, so it'll be awhile... especially for US fans, but in the meantime we'll at least get an Aaron fix when The Day the Earth Stood Still comes to theaters on December 12, where he will be playing Sgt. Winter. I have no idea if that character exists in the original movie, but I think I'm going to try and give that a watch soon, before the new one comes out. Good stuff!

Also of intrigue - Blood: A Butcher's Tale, starring Aaron as Sam the vampire butcher is now complete, but no word on any release. It will probably have to hit festival circuits and get picked up (hopefully soon), unless it goes straight or quickly to DVD.

As a final note, here's a little clip of Aaron with Richard Hatch at the From the Land Beyond convention in Sacremento this September. Aaron talks about all the props that "went missing" from BSG and the demolition of the sets.

What the frak is going on with Dollhouse?

It looks like Joss Whedon's long awaited (by many fans that is) "Dollhouse" has been slated to premiere on January 13, which is a Friday and as Maureen "The Watcher" Ryan puts it "Fridays are regarded as the dumping ground of the prime-time schedule, and given that "Dollhouse" has already endured its share of trauma and drama and stop-start production... Well, we Whedon fans believed the "Buffy" creator when he said, way back when he got back into business with Fox, that he thought the "Dollhouse" would not be a replay of the "Firefly" debacle."

*Sighs* I guess all we can do is hope and pray to the gods. Here's an embed of the Dollhouse preview nabbed from the above linked Watcher article (does anyone else find it odd that they list Whedon as the creator of Buffy and Angel, but leave a big gaping hole where Firefly should also have been mentioned?):

Here's another clip (Thanks to Sitrep) of a TV Guide interview with Tahmoh Penikett where he talks about how awesome and perfect the finale of Battlestar will be (with no spoilers) and digs into Dollhouse a little bit:

Webisodes on January 15?

This just seems odd, but The Futon Critic reports: "...keep an eye out for "BSG: Essential Elements," a half-hour special on Sunday, January 11 at 11:00/10:00c. And if that wasn't enough "Galactica," it's understood the latest wave of webisodes for the series will be broadcast during the network's January 15 presentation of "Pitch Black.""

What seems odd is that since the series finale, season 4.5, premieres it's first of 10 episodes the day after - on January 16, and since there are supposedly going to be a total of 10 webisodes... and since they are in fact "webisodes" (which insinuates to me that they will be on the intrawebs), it doesn't quite seem possible that 10 so-called webisodes would air on television and all in one night.

Perhaps the webisodes will run on SciFi's website the weeks prior to January 16, which would be on par with how the Resistance webisodes and the Razor "Flashbacks" were presented, but guess what - we're just about at week 9 before January 16, and there were supposed to be 10 webisodes. Way too mysterious for my already tortured soul.

W00t? Did I just say 9 weeks?

Looking back on season 4

This clip from Hypaspace is a little dated as it's a preview of season 4.0 from back in January '08. Still, it's a nice look back on the first part of season 4 with comments from the cast and it helps tide us over until January '09. TWO MORE MONTHS!

This happy little reminder was spotted on the Battlestar Blog


While we're flashing back, here's a sweet fan piece-together of "Gaeta's Lament" from 4.0:

Grace Park on "West 32nd"

Grace Park revisited her Vancouver stomping grounds this week, but not to the set of Battlestar Galactica. This time she treads the red carpet in her hometown for a screening of her first feature film West 32nd, at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival.

West 32nd is "a crime drama set on West 32nd, the centre of Manhattan's Korean town. John Cho of Harold and Kumar fame plays a lawyer defending a 14-year-old boy facing a first-degree murder charge. Park plays the boy's sister, Lila Lee."

Check out what Grace had to say to The Vancouver Sun about her experience with her first feature, independent film, and New York gig as well as her thoughts on the ethnic issues surrounding it.


Grace was also recently featured in the Toronto Star, where she talks about her work on the Canadian show 'The Border" as well as mention of "The Cleaner" and wrapping up Battlestar.

Target Practice or New BFF?

For $8590.00 you would think this life-size "Cylon Centurion Robot" offered at NBCU's Sci Fi store would fall into the latter option in this post's headline. On second thought, given what it is the price isn't so outrageous with US shipping for the 300lb toaster included in the price, and it has stereo audio to boot! The "advanced electronics" feature is a tad worrisome though.

"Officially licensed for Battlestar Galactica and exclusively manufactured by the legendary 'Robot Man' Fred Barton, each Cylon Robot is hand-made, numbered and signed by him.

Standing 7-feet tall, each Cylon is carefully crafted out of sturdy fiberglass right down to the delicately spindled fingers. "

Just to be clear, we're talking about the one on the left in the picture.


If you really want to lay down the big bucks, and want a piece of the real deal, NBCU has booked a weekend at the Pasedena Convention Center to auction off the props used in Battlestar Galactica (the new one if you were wondering) to coincide with the series finale on January 16, 2009. Some auction items will be available on an online outlet, and later will be on ebay. A portion of proceeds will go to United Way. Reuters

See some of the props over at Wired's Underwire blog!