Webisodes on January 15?

This just seems odd, but The Futon Critic reports: "...keep an eye out for "BSG: Essential Elements," a half-hour special on Sunday, January 11 at 11:00/10:00c. And if that wasn't enough "Galactica," it's understood the latest wave of webisodes for the series will be broadcast during the network's January 15 presentation of "Pitch Black.""

What seems odd is that since the series finale, season 4.5, premieres it's first of 10 episodes the day after - on January 16, and since there are supposedly going to be a total of 10 webisodes... and since they are in fact "webisodes" (which insinuates to me that they will be on the intrawebs), it doesn't quite seem possible that 10 so-called webisodes would air on television and all in one night.

Perhaps the webisodes will run on SciFi's website the weeks prior to January 16, which would be on par with how the Resistance webisodes and the Razor "Flashbacks" were presented, but guess what - we're just about at week 9 before January 16, and there were supposed to be 10 webisodes. Way too mysterious for my already tortured soul.

W00t? Did I just say 9 weeks?

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