Season 4.5 - It's Coming!

i09 has some spiffy new videos concerning season 4.5. First we have some very rudimentary handy-cam footage of a TV airing from the Canadian Space Channel which was a sneak peek at season 4.5. Purists need not click on the following link to i09's article with the video, because even mention of the BSG star who is a guest host/interviewee on the sneak peak could be a potential spoiler! That's just a little of my own speculation, even though I know other reasons why this individual would have made an appearance on this particular venue. Okay then, now that you've been warned, here's the link.

Canadian browsers can watch the clip (in much higher quality) from the Space site here.

Also, as seen on the i09 page, which if you were avoiding the spoilers you can see it here, is a very brief spot for a promise of more sneak peeks of season 4.5 on Thanksgiving day during the James Bond marathon on SciFi. This is mildly spoilery, but so brief I would put it on the lowest level of the spoiler scale. Neither the Space video above or the video below reveal anything resembling plot information.

55 DAYS!

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