Trail Mix

A mixed bag of goodies for the journey to 1/16. If anything, we have the time now to get creative with blog post themes. I picked out all the raisins for you...

It seems as though the BSG cast might as well start their own biker gang. We know Katee and Tricia enjoy their bikes, and last week Michael Trucco joined with a couple dozen other celebs for the 25th annual Love Ride, which raises money for Southern California charities. This year they won big for Muscular Distrophy. You can see Michael in a few shots by Simon Cherpitel around page 35 and 36.

tvshowsondvd.com gives us a sneak peek at the screen menus for the region 1 DVD release for season 4.0 on January 6. Hey, it's something!

Mary McDonnell's guest appearance on Grey's Anatomy will debut on Thursday, November 13 on ABC. Mary plays Virginia Dixon, a cardiac surgeon (Take that Cottle!). It's still not known how many episodes she'll be in for, as she is also in pre-production for the movie Jimmy Nolan. Spotted on bostonherald.com

Katee Sackhoff should be busy with the pilot for Dick Wolf/NBC's Lost and Found, and in the meantime we're still waiting on the episode of Law & Order where she'll guest star for an episode as a murder suspect. surprisingly, neither of these have shown up on her imdb page yet. A big recent release for Katee is the PS3 exclusive game Resistance 2, which hit stores last week. Katee voices Cassie Aklin who joins Nathan Hale in the resistance movement against the alien Chimera who have been slowly destroying the world. The game has already gotten high ratings, and I plan on picking this sucker up soon, but there are just way too many good new games out lately. Long before the release of the game, there was the Project Abraham viral site in which katee was featured in video clips that gave bits and pieces of the story. If you check the link, they've added new video since the game's release.

What the heck? Just in on the wire is news that Michael Trucco will also be appearing in an episode of Law & Order: SVU as a suspected baddy who slips drugs to the gals! The episode is due to air Dec. 9 (Why do we know this but still don't know when Katee will be on?).

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