What the frak is going on with Dollhouse?

It looks like Joss Whedon's long awaited (by many fans that is) "Dollhouse" has been slated to premiere on January 13, which is a Friday and as Maureen "The Watcher" Ryan puts it "Fridays are regarded as the dumping ground of the prime-time schedule, and given that "Dollhouse" has already endured its share of trauma and drama and stop-start production... Well, we Whedon fans believed the "Buffy" creator when he said, way back when he got back into business with Fox, that he thought the "Dollhouse" would not be a replay of the "Firefly" debacle."

*Sighs* I guess all we can do is hope and pray to the gods. Here's an embed of the Dollhouse preview nabbed from the above linked Watcher article (does anyone else find it odd that they list Whedon as the creator of Buffy and Angel, but leave a big gaping hole where Firefly should also have been mentioned?):

Here's another clip (Thanks to Sitrep) of a TV Guide interview with Tahmoh Penikett where he talks about how awesome and perfect the finale of Battlestar will be (with no spoilers) and digs into Dollhouse a little bit:

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