RDM project 'Virtuality' coming to Fox

Let's just hope Fox can step up and not pull another Firefly. Looks as though Ron Moore's credentials may have helped bring the proposed series Virtuality to fruition.

Variety reports:
Universal Media Studios is behind the sci-fi drama, which follows 12 astronauts who are sent on a 10-year journey to find a distant solar system. The explorers pass the time by hooking up to advanced virtual reality modules to explore self-created worlds. But they discover someone has downloaded a computer bug into the system -- and one of them may be the saboteur...

"Virtuality" also comes with a hefty online component: As part of the plot, the space voyage is funded by a reality show that features the trip being streamed back to Earth. That "reality show" will be produced as webisodes, featuring the same cast members.

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