Finally! The Frak blog Caprica series roundup

Better late than never I s'pose ;)

Here's what we know so far about the upcoming Caprica series from various sources:

The Wired blog summarizes it pretty well, thanks to TVAddict as a source
  • Caprica is set 51 years before the planet goes nuclear.
  • The show will portray the inhabitants of Caprica as a seedy bunch, "reading like an episode of HBO’s The Wire."
  • The pilot is filled with political intrigue, racial prejudice, religious zealots, "and a seriously cool take on Second Life courtesy of (the fictional company) Graystone Industries million dollar idea, the HoloBand."
  • Father and billionaire scientist Daniel Graystone is busy worrying that, "his company is on the verge of losing the government contract for the Robot Super-soldier and Meta-Cognitive Processor after wasting five years and half a billion cubits."
  • His wife, Amanda, is cheating on him with his chief rival Tomas Vergis (a Tauron).
  • His daughter Zoey joins an organization called, 'Soldiers of One' -- "a monotheistic religious group that advocates the worship of a single, all-knowing, all powerful God whose mission is to, 'drive out the many Gods.'"
  • Act one ends with a violent act of terrorism that kills Ben and Zoey as well as innocent bystanders Shannon and Tamara, wife and daughter of Joseph Adams. Cue world beats opening credits.
  • Graystone and Adams befriend each other in grief and decide to use the technology at Graystone Industries to download both daughters' consciences into the cybernetic life-form nodes (or Cylons) that are currently in R&D at the company.
  • By the end of the pilot, Adams and Graystone are enemies, torn apart by ethical differences.
TVAddict source article

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