Hating blogger beta - photo album

This might really suck and deter busy people from coming here at all. I switched to the beta thing here at blogger the other night. I was trying to get this blog started up, and blogger was giving me frak (and it's server was being a frakker) so I went and switched to beta after the messages nailed it into me that it was the only way to go, especially if I wanted to start a new blog here. It seems to have frakked with the other blogs I use here, and my and others ability to post on those blogs. Oooh, but we can keep the old templates. Big frakkin deal. Even though I did try the new beta "custom template" thing. Frakkin suct. I like CSS nd HTML access. I'm an old dog.

Edited on 2-3-2009 for use as an in-blog photo album

Frakkin toasters.


Darth Rex0 said...

So, you are screening comments now? What the Frak?

Marvolo said...

I tried to leave a comment a while ago, but I guess the blogger of the future wasn't too friendly towards my account, which was still on the old blogger. Anyway, I finally upgraded. Let's see if this comment shows up.