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I've been off for awhile, and now that I'm back there's all sorts of juicy new BSG devlopments, so I'll cram 'em all in this entry...

Ron Moore recently did a very interesting interactive interview with EW, which gives away some tidbits, or very mild spoilers, about season 4 with a very nifty photo of the crew staged as The Last Supper. Click here for the fun, and take note of item 10 - the empty seat. A lot of people have been taking this empty seat and Moore's comment about it to mean that everyone who is present in the picture is not the final unknown Cylon. I don't know though. I think you could take Ron's comment as a non-answer either way. There are a few important characters not present.If it's true that the final Cylon is not present, I'm banking on Gaeta. I'd like to see him be the mastermind behind it all. Perhaps the Cylon clone of the head honcho scientist who created the Cylons in the first place. I guess we'll just have to see now, won't we? *The picture below is not interactive. See above link for the clicky awesomeness*

I haven't been able to find a direct source link for this, but apparently TV Guide let out that NBCU has SciFi looking at Caprica as an option pretty seriously (again). For this we can thank the WGA strike for causing a shortage of material. They have been sniffing at Caprica since before the strike officially started, along with discussions as to whether they will split season 4 or not. Click here for a recap

Today The Futon Critic reports that Sci Fi is planning to present two half hour Battlestar Galactica specials, which look to be similar to "The Story So Far" offering they dished out way back during the season 2 hiatus (or was it between 2 and 3?). Or, I wonder if it will simply be a collection of some of the bonus materials from the Razor DVD and other interviews and clips (as seen in next section). Unfortunately, these specials are slated for March, which is merely the month before season 4 is set to premiere. Ah well, I guess it's almost February and we're in the final stretch.

Here are some clips and spoilers from season 4, thanks to io9.com and the Canadian show Hypaspace. I have the feeling some of these clips might be integrated in the above mentioned specials, and I'm not quite sure if they were part of the Razor DVD bonus material (I got mine from Best Buy, which supposedly had exclusive bonus material). I lent it out, so I'll have to wait to check on that.

Over at sfcrowsnest.com, there's some insider rumors/spoilers about the Earth issue in BSG's season 4. Don't click if you don't want to be potentially spoiled!

Season 4 is set to premiere Friday, April 4 at 10pm BTW!

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Hansgirl3 said...

LOVE the clicky pic!!! Thanks!!!!!

I'm so glad the Season 3 DVD's will be released before Season 4 starts. I'm hyped to see ALL of Season 3 (partially again) before this season!!! Woo-hoo!!!