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Friday night! If anyone hasn't had a chance to catch the specials aired on SciFi starting March 28th - Battlestar Galactica: Revisted and Battlestar Galactica: The Phenomenon, they have them up at scifi.com to view. Click here (this is the scifi.battlestar main page. If the video is no longer there, it can likely be found on SciFi Pulse here). Nice little tributes to the series. Beware of spoilers if you haven't seen up to season 3 so far.

Also from scifi.com Wire yesterday:

12:00 AM, 28-MARCH-08

Battlestar's Olmos OK If All Die

Edward James Olmos, who plays Adm. William Adama on SCI FI Channel's series Battlestar Galactica, told SCI FI Wire that it's not inconceivable that all of the characters will die by the end of the upcoming fourth and final season--and that would be OK with him.

Not that that is in any way a spoiler for the upcoming season. But Olmos said it would be fitting for a show that he called a "commentary on our times" and the "most worthwhile piece of television" he has ever done.

"Basically, if it’s true to form, no one makes it," Olmos said in an interview at SCI FI's upfront presentation to advertisers in New York earlier this month.

Producers have been tight-lipped about their plans for the show's climax and dénouement, though it's believed that the fourth season will take up the sudden reappearance of Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) and her revelation that she's been to Earth. Meanwhile, four people must deal with the sudden knowledge that they are Cylons.

If everyone were to die? "I think that people would be shocked, and they'd be hurt, and they would be totally, totally frustrated," Olmos said. "But I've got to tell you, that's a truth that people have to realize. We may do it to ourselves [in real life]. It all depends on us now and what choices we make." Battlestar Galactica will kick off its fourth season on April 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT with the episode "He That Believeth in Me." --Ian Spelling


Hansgirl3 said...

Woo-hoo!!! It's here tonight!!! I never thought this day would get here!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Lubab No More said...

Everybody dies is a reasonable outcome? Huh?

How about, half of everyone dies. That might be more satisfying.

Lubab No More said...

Hey Hansgirl, have I seen you comment over at the SW: Joke a Day?

Hansgirl3 said...

Yes, you have.