Webisodes, 11+ hours, and TV Movies?

First of all, I have to say that the midseason finale "Revelations" was perhaps the best episode of RDM's Battlestar Galactica yet. I had always favored "Scar" and "You Can't Go Home Agaian", and perhaps it's because of the newness of it all... but I hadn't seen any other season 4 episode even start to live up to he bar set by BSG from the very beginning until very recently. The midseason final certainly made up for anything the earlier season 4 episodes had lacked, and then some. That's not to say the last few S04 episodes weren't exceptional.


This is old news mixed with newer news, but it's all pretty solid now... for the most part:

We can confidently expect another set of 10 webisodes in the long season 4 hiatus we've only just begun. *takes deep breath*

Speaking of the hiatus, that is also pretty much confirmed to be significantly long. The "first quarter" of 2009 references are backed by the following from E! Online's report from the midseason finale panel and prescreening (linked in next post):

"I talked to Dave Howe, Sci Fi Channel president, and you guys are definitely going to have to wait half a year for the final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica. He told me that, "[It will premiere] first quarter next year—we haven't fixed a final date, but we don't want to keep the fans waiting too long.""

- Pfft. We don't like it, but we're certainly used to it at this point.

At least we'll not only be getting webisodes, but also a (slightly) longer end to season 4 as well as one if not possibly three Battlestar TV movies, as Mo Ryan "The Watcher" recently reports.

Apparently RDM talked NBCU into at least 11 hours to be able to get everything he needs out of the script for the season finale. That's "at least 11 hours" and perhaps more, but I can imagine that they would give us too much more. If anything I can see them mincing the supposed TV movie(s?) as extra season 4 episodes like they tried to do with Razor as episodes 401 and 402.

Check out Mo's link above and definitely check out the fellow Blogger blogger (couldn't help that one), Alan Sepinwall, she linked to at The Watcher. His "Revelations" revelations (someone stop me now) are a joy to read.

Now what to do until the webisodes are even rumored to come out? I'll be downloading all the podcasts with RDM's commentary for S04 so far (410 should be out soon) and rewatching. At least once. Maybe twice. Perhaps Thrace :D

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Hansgirl3 said...

The "first quarter" of 2009 references

Well... FRAK!!! But we knew that would happen, didn't we? :p

I'm just glad I DVR'd all the episodes of this season. At least I can rewatch them! ;)

Thanks for the update!!!!