Frakkin Tribute

Although not as tight as the Lebowski cut, it's about time someone started editing these together. Ladies and frakkin gentlemen, The fraks of season 1 (It doesn't seem like much looking at it now!):

Not to be outfrakked, there's some insight to be had on our favorite word over at CNN.

Thanks to Club Jade for these frakking gems!

Maybe some of you have also noticed this - So as to not bother other members of the household when I watch my BSG DVDs late night, I put the subtitles on. I noticed that in the miniseries, and perhaps several episodes into the first season, the spelling was "frack" (as you'll notice from the CNN article, Larson's version was also spelled this way), then it switches over to "frak" permanently by the time you get to season 2 and onward. Pretty frakking interesting ;)

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amidalooine said...

Frakkin' awesome, starthunder! :)