4.0 DVD and 4.5 premiere dates

Everyone who cares about BSG knows this, but it has to be posted here to get the blogging groove started back up...

Season 4 will continue it's second part starting on January 16, 2009 on the SciFi channel (in the USA), and will run for the 10 weeks leading up to the series finale which is set for March 20, 2009. NBCU

At least one of those episodes, presumably the finale, will be at least two hours long.

A mere 10 days before the series continues, we will see season 4.0 on DVD for Region 1/USA (on January 9). If you want to see the cover art click here, but for this post we'll post another awesome pic that looks like it was from the same shoot as the DVD set (stolen from Wired, via the above posted NBCU press release)...


Medeeu said...

Hey! Greetings from fellow BSG fan - always a frakking pleasure to see BSG sites!

I was wondering about that picture you have there - So Say We All picture in the 50's style. It's frakking awsome! Any idea who's done it and where you could see the "original"?

starthunder said...

hey medeeu! you caught me before i could hyperlink the adama pic. it's from this site (which consists of only that image):


Medeeu said...


I meant the other picture, the one with the woman saying "Frak the toasters!". It's awsome!

(I like Adama's picture too, but this one really hit me - never seen it before!)

So do you have any idea who's done it and where is it from?

Thanks for answering!

Waiting for January 16th - So Say We All!

starthunder said...

ah yes - i do love that (i love all the WW2 style stuff, especially propaganda posters) - i found the image around the web a long time ago now, and i dont remember exactly where. i just tried to run some searches for it, with no solid results. the writing on the bottom (if you can't tell) says "brought to you by CATS (Coalition Against Toaster Survival)", and i still didnt get any results with a net search using those terms.

if i can ever dig up the source again, i'll be sure to let you know somehow!

Ralph said...

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