Colonial Dispatch 5.12.09

IGN cited Hollywood Reporter as the source for news that NBC will decline Katee Sackhoff's latest project Lost and Found.

Michael Trucco chats with Sci Fi Wire about The Plan and mentions other possibilities for Sam Anders - spoilers!

I saw the new Star Trek movie and absolutely loved it. What a treat, especially for us sci-fi nerds who have a huge hole in our hearts since the end of BSG. The one part that left me a little unfulfilled was the lack of female presence. I mean, Uhura was rather awesome in this, but we needed more of her, or at least some new female presence, and there needed to be more female awesomeness. Uhura's main utility in the movie was to create sexual tension and as a love interest, and much less so about her genius equivalent to Spock. Maybe I'm spoiled by BSG, but I was releived to find at least two articles that expressed the same feeling: Melissa Silverstein of the Huffington Post - Star Trek's Gender Problem, and Tara O'Shea at Firefox News - Opinion: Women in the New Star Trek Movie.

Haven't won a BSG Zune yet? Well, Eclipse Magazine is the latest with a contest to win one!

The second (and last?) BSG auction concluded this weekend, and Monsters and Critics has some great photos featuring Grace Park posing with some props during the preview day at the Pasedena Convention Center.

Don't forget to catch James Callis guest-starring on the Numb3rs season finale this Friday at 9pm on NBC (and Leonard Nimoy on Fringe tonight!!). Television Blog

I forget if this was posted in an earlier Colonial Dispatch, but no harm in posting it again! Lucy Lawless is cast in a new Starz series due to air in January 2010 called "Spartacus: Blood and Sand". The series is styled after 300 fame, and will also be supplemented with a companion graphic novel series. Monsters and Critics, MTV

BSG's finale listed in Entertainment Weekly's Top 16 Classic Series Finales.

A couple of other slightly older news items:

The Face of the Enemy BSG webisodes won the 2009 Streamy Award for it's category for Best Dramatic Web Series.

From Jamie Freedman of SF Music Examiner - An interview with Battlestar Galactica's composer Bear McCreary: looking back and life after BSG

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