Sam Witwer interview from Star Wars Universe

Good old Crashdown. Okay, so maybe he wasn't so good in the end, but I think Sam Witwer did a pretty tremendous job with a relatively smaller role in BSG, and I was really excited to see him in the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Smallville after that.

Sam was recently interviewed by Star Wars Universe, a French fan site. The Force.net thankfully has supplied us with an English translation. Sam talks a lot about TFU, but gives a big nod to his days on the BSG set.
"Did you wanna be the Final fifth?
I actually did not. I felt that bringing Crashdown back would have cheapened his story and his mark on the series. Here was a guy who demonstrated how difficult these situations truly were. Most of the time you see Lee or Kara handle something. It looks tough, but our steely eyed regulars win the day. It was interesting to me to see the opposite. To tell the story of what happens when you have a good, competent man running the show, but unfortunately he's good and competent at being a Raptor pilot, not a man in command of infantry. I thought that was interesting and it was my intention to make that as real and reasonable as possible. Making him a cylon would have gutted or at the very least invalidated a very important part of that story."

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