Thanks to a Nicki Clyne update via Facebook which pointed to this awesome post at Bear McCreary's blog, we now have this spectacular in depth account of the Battlestar Galactica Orchestra concerts that took place during SDCC - a first hand account at that! Bear posts some awesome pictures and two video clips (below), one of which is an interview hijack by Eddie Olmos himself, who took over the mic from an SDNBC reporter and proceeded to interview Bear, Brendan, and Raya himself.

The blog post also touches on Bear's journey at the convention itself, including his participation in Richard Hatch’s Battlestar Retrospective event on the first Thursday of SDCC.

Don't forget to go to Raya's and Brendan's myspace pages to check out and download tracks from BSG episodes!!

Eddie's interview:

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/video.

Concert excerpt - Tribute to Michael Jackson with "Earth Song":

Bear mentions that a live concert DVD might be on the way! Wee! Keep your eyes on the official Battlestar Galactica Orchestra site for upcoming news on that and exclusive clips and audio. W00t!

"In fact, one of the greatest compliments I heard from a fan all weekend was a girl who told me that she might never again be able to attend a punk concert because it would sound so weak in comparison to the BSG Orchestra."

- Bear McCreary


Anonymous said...

Interesting choice for a title...you've probably never heard of www.bearapalooza.com !


starthunder said...

Indeed I had not heard of the "other Bearapalooza" until looking up your link. I can't say that I fully understand what that Bearapalooza is exactly, but I'll stand behind my title choice because it's so fitting! Hopefully this doesn't offend anyone from the other Bearapalooza community :)