Season 3 rerun reboots in September

Not many people may know that Battlestar's season 3 has been rerun late nights on the Sci Fi Channel ever since the actual season finale this past spring. The show time has consistently been at 2:00 am EST on Saturday mornings (or Friday nights, depending on your lifestyle - read below for notes on Sci Fi's schedule-bot scheduling), with some exceptions. The exception this week will be a Stargate marathon. However, on September 7/8 the Battlestar reruns will continue with part 1 of the season finale Crossroads, followed by part 2 the following week on September 14/15.

The good news is that the Sci Fi channel will start right back up at the beginning of season 3 with the season premiere The Occupation, the very next week; September 21/22 at 2am EST, then continuing on with the rest of season 3 once again, same time as usual.

That's plenty of time to get some blank VHS tapes, DVD-RAM, or to clean out the good ol' DVR. Of course we could make every Friday night a Frak party, and stay up until the wee hours watching each episode. Of course what I think we're all waiting for is the DVD release of season 3, but who knows when the hack that will be.

Notes on Sci Fi's schedule-bot:

- It's a good idea (in my geeky opinion at least) to bookmark Sci Fi schedule-bot main index page in your browser so every time you open it, the schedule for that day will come up. The daily scheduling is listed from 6:00 am to 5:00 am the following morning. You'll see the listings for Battlestar when you click on Fridays (in the monthly calendars at the bottom of the page), even though it's actually scheduled for 2am on Saturdays. Set your recording devices accordingly, and lock s-foils in attack position. :D

Don't forget the webisodes!

Before starting watching season 3 from the beginning again, don't forget to first watch the 10 part series of short webisodes titled Resistance. These minis cover what happened on NC right before the first episode of season 3 begins. They can be viewed here on the Sci Fi Pulse site, as well as all together in one cut here.

The link to Battlestar Wiki's season 3 episode guide is now available in the sidebar as well.


RJ said...

Thanks for the tip! I actually started DVR'ing season 3 part way through, so I was hoping they'd loop back to the beginning. I've got the final 12, but not the first 8 episodes. We're halfway through season 2.5, so I'm getting close to season 3!

jkthunder said...

I don't have a DVR, but I think 'm going to use a DVD recorder for this.. even though by the time they are done looping the reruns again, season 3 will probably be coming out on DVD.

ooh! if you're halfway through 2.5, you've probably just gotten to my favorite episode of all time - scar. i started writing a draft for an entry on that episode here, but haven'f finished it ;)

Hansgirl3 said...

Thanks for the heads up on the reruns! I've noticed that the series has been running late night, but haven't been able to catch them. *darnit*

Once they really do the whole thing this month, I'm all over it!!

I can't wait til they release them on DVD. That'll totally rock! :D