A month later... News!

Well, not too much has happened in BSG world in the last month, since they're busy MAKING IT!

One cool thing is that the new comic series Battlestar Galactica Season Zero has hit comic shops, which I wasn't expecting until later this fall. I follow some comics nowadays still, but only moderately. The premise and setting of BSG Season Zero does spark my interest though. Set two years before the events of the miniseries, Galactica's crew sets off on it's first mission together. I think I remember Tigh mentioning in season 2 somewhere that Sharon came on to the scene just about then as a nugget.

I don' know how much this will set continuity in motion, especially concerning the possibility of a Caprica series, which supposedly was planned to take place a full generation before the current BSG. I'm still very intrigued about this time frame as it pertains to the characters we know from the show. I might pick up issue #1, or at least flip through it (or wait for TPB). Can't get enough of BSG!

There's a few write ups with sample pages for the first issue in the following links:



The same creators of Season Zero are also putting out a one shot issue of Pegasus just in time for the air date of Razor.

- In other news, Kevin Smith will be directing an episode of BSG s4. *yawns* You know? I used to be entertained by Kevin Smith, maybe even a bit inspired. But now. Meh. Maybe I'm just jealous, but as the above linked article kind of points out - I don't really wan to see Kevin Smith style mixed with my BSG. I just don't.

- The first season of BSG is going to HD DVD, but not Blu-Ray. Yeah, I don't really care either. I don't have an HD res TV yet anyway, and when I do, I'm not re-buying all 4 seasons (plus Razor?). Upconverting works fine for me :)

- And last but not least... some more promising news - Moore closed a deal with Universal Media which could allow him to continue working with Battlestar (so sez that article), among other projects. Maybe all our Caprica series dreams will come true!

Still no news on the release of season 3 on DVD :(

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