Mini-sodes: Prelude to Razor

Remember the webisodes from right before season 3? (If you don't or haven't gotten to that point yet, I'll post them here at some point soon). Well, something similar is coming up...

SciFi recently announced:

In anticipation of the premiere of the two-hour event, Battlestar Galactica: Razor, the SCI FI Channel will whet viewers' appetites with an eight-week series of exclusive 2-3 minute "mini-sodes." Premiering in October on SCI FI during primetime, these promotional shorts will lead into the November 24 premiere of "Razor"... ... the mini-sodes will be included in the unrated Universal Home Video release of "Razor." They will also be available on SCIFI.COM after their on-air debuts.

From IGN

An updated report on the mini-sodes from Buddy TV

More BSG News:

4 Emmy nominations (I don't think it's enough either!)

Continuing a conversation with Ron Moore (spoilers!)

Great article (even more spoilers!)

That last article also covers more from the press interview panel I posted about last month.


RJ said...

Mmm, good stuff. My wife and I finished season one; I just haven't had the urge to write about it at length. The last few episodes of the season were outstanding. Very tense; action-packed and awesome.

Hansgirl3 said...


I'm definitely ready for the next installment of BSG in whatever form I can get it! :D