The "new sci-fi" + BSG press

Check out this article from The Guardian Unlimited UK: The new sci-fi
- It talks about the state of sci-fi today and a pretty grand influence by the new BSG.

Also, yesterday (June 26th) SciFi sponsored a press interview panel for some of it's top shows in Vancouver. TV Squad's Keith McDuffy reports back with a two part video, and the promise of more to come. WARNING - May be somewhat spoiler-ish for season 4, and therefore season 3 and any other part of the series you haven't seen yet:
Part 1
Part 2

Now I'm off to read rj's thoughts on season (1 *wink*wink*)...

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RJ said...

Interesting article. Sci-fi definitely is in a bit of a sweet spot lately.

I like any list that has BSG and Firefly on it. :)