Mini-series thoughts

Here are a few of the things that I thought about the mini-series:
  • The acting was outstanding. Really great stuff period, but particularly for a sci-fi show based on a 70's TV show.
  • The story was exceptionally compelling. Characters and a culture in crisis. How do they react? What do they do?
  • The variety of characters are also wonderful. Each one is interesting in their own right. Starbuck; Apollo; Adama; Tigh; Boomer; Baltar(!); the bleached-blonde Cylon; the awesome new President (I love her); even the people on the bridge whose names I forget. Oh and the chief mechanic/engineer guy who is hooked up with Boomer.
  • The visuals are awesome. I love that the tech seems 'realistic' in the sense that it's a reasonable outgrowth of things that we are familiar with. It's not spacey. In particular, I like that the voices are garbled when they are communicating over their comms.
  • The music is a big player in setting the tone. It sets a very, very cool and effective mood. It reminded me of how the music in Heroes is just perfect for that show.
  • I thought it was funny that Boxy (sp?) still had to have the bowl haircut in this series.
  • The new Cylons are suitably menacing. The last scene revealing a surprise Cylon model was frak-tastic. I loved seeing the old school Cylon in the museum.
  • The story is just superb. In the end, that's what matters. All of the sci-fi aspects of the show kick ass. But, it's the story that got me hooked. It was well written, suspenseful and just plain interesting.

I'll get to season 1 as soon as I can.

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jkthunder said...

There are so many layers that make the new BSG so frakking compelling. The overall concept of a whole world (or colony of worlds) is uprooted and have to resort to a life of survival is just so profound. The 70s/80s version of the show had that basic concept at its core, but just didnt really portray the depth of it that the new show does.

"the bleached-blonde Cylon" - I forget if her name is made apparent in the miniseries, so I won't spoil that for you, since it is kind of tied to how the story unfolds in future episodes.

"the awesome new President" - Laura Roslyn. She is really fabulous, isn't she? She only ecomes more and more complex of a character as the show goes on.

"the people on the bridge whose names I forget" - Felix Gaeta... I love him so. Dualla is pretty strong for a secondary character too.

"the chief mechanic/engineer guy who is hooked up with Boomer" - Tyrol, but you can call him "Chief". Keep an eye on Cally too. She's a real spitfire and has some great story arcs. They all do!

The idea behind the "low-tech" they use is really interesting to me, especially how it is entangled in their story. The humans made the cylons through technology, and one of their first lines of defense against the cylons is *not* using technology.

The music is really compelling, isn't it?

Warning - whence you start watching season 1, the very first episode is really good. You may not be able o stop watching for days on end! They are really good about cliff hanging to the next episode. Many little story arcs link actross multiple episodes. It's hard to stop!