Season 1: First four episode thoughts

My wife and I finished the DVD of the first four episodes of Season 1. The next DVD should be coming our way soon.

The beginning of season 1 was a very strong start. It may be difficult to ever match how blown away I was by the mini-series, but these first four were very, very good. I thought the first episode, 33, was the best.

The water episode was good. I really liked the development of Boomer's split personality. It's also cool seeing the juxtaposition of the two Boomer's. I feel bad for Helo.

My favorite part of the prison riot episode was the last scene, after President Roslyn tells Apollo that she has cancer. I forget the exact exchange, but I believe Roslyn's last line is something like: "Of course you will. You're Captain Apollo." There's just something so great in the way she delivered that line, her smile after she says it and the music. In general, I absolutely love the music and sound in this show. It plays a huge part in setting the awesome tone. I feel similarly about the music and sound in Heroes. So important. And Mary McDonnell is genius in this show. She is just fantastic in that portrayal.

The rookie pilot episode was very interesting. That was our cliffhanger for now as Starbuck plummets away from her Viper.

Oh, and I also have to mention how much I dig Baltar. He is so funny in his own disturbing sneaky way.

I'll report back after we get through the next disc.


jkthunder said...

*Bites tongue about exciting things to come*

Mary McDonnell really is excellent, especially that build up to revealing her cancer. The success is definitely partly due to her delivery, but the writing is so good, and the directors and producers just help swing it home - even though they do rotate directors and writers, which I beleive is why some episodes are more compelling than others.

I edited the title in this post too. You wrote "Season 2" ;)

RJ said...

I edited the title in this post too. You wrote "Season 2"