Recent BSG News

Just thought I'd post some recent news bits about Battlestar Galactica and it's journey toward the fourth and final season:

The following article contains MAJOR SPOILERS concerning season 3. I know some of you may have not gotten to that point yet, so DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT READING THIS ARTICLE. It's the equivalent to a "Luke, I am your father" kind of spoiler/surprise. In my opinion at least....

Battlestar Galactica: Ronald Moore talks about *the E word* (<-edited!)

Next one is spoiler-free. Just a few words from Eick talking about how they plan and write the show (and consolations to actors for the upcoming final season)...

CanMag: David Eick on Closing Out Battlestar Galactica

The next few are accounts of the All Access Battlestar Galactica event in LA last week, where fans and press joined together to screen the season 3 finale on a big screen, view a recap of the whole of BSG seasons 1-3, attend a Q&A with cast members moderated by Lucy Lawless, and top the night off with a special preview of the upcoming fall release of the double episode/movie Razor*. There may be some spoilers in these, since they talk about how season 3 might lead into season 4, and events in season 3 in general (see my above opinion about the level of spoiler this is ;)...

Battlestar Galactica: Q&A in L.A.

They Have a Plan: The Battlestar Galactica All Access Event

IGN: Battlestar Galactica Cast and Creators Discuss Season 4

Photos from the event

* Apparently there has been some recent talk about the possibility that the BSG movie "Razor" would not be allowed to go into production by Gary Larson, the producer of the original Battlestar Galactica series and owner of all rights to any Battlestar movie since that time. Larson is said to not have fully accepted the reimagined series, and some reports mention that he wouldn't give the go ahead unless the "movie" were tied into his original series. The most recent news on the Razor movie have included statements by Ron Moore about the possible content, which include a tie in to events from the original series (Supposedly Admiral Caine has flash-backs to her childhood and escape from the Cylon attack from the 1970's movie). Veeery interestink! The most recent reports also make it seem like the movie is still underway, business as usual. I have some doubts as to the sources for the above mentioned flash-backs, so take this as only rumor. For a more reliable preview and statement about the movie, click here.


RJ said...

I just watched the first episode of season 1 with the wife (33). We'll be working through the DVD's from the library as quickly as possible. Episode 1 was greatness, so I continue to be pumped about BSG.

jkthunder said...

dont forget rj, the second season actually consists of two box sets: season 2.0, and season 2.5

i think thats been a point of confusion for some people, especially libraries, who might think "2.0" is the entire second season.

the reason they did that was because of a large gap in production during season 2. so basically (if i remember correctly) in the months-long span before season "2.5" aired on TV, they realeased a season 2.0 on DVD to satisfy viewers, and certainly to keep the interests up.

season one is only the one set, and even though season 3 isn't out yet, i expect it to be just one set. none of the other seasons had the abnortmal production gap as season two.

season 3 should be out by the end of the summer on DVD, or at least before the double episode movie thing comes out in the fall.

saw your geek rebellion stuff. its a great show isnt it? "the greatest show on television" isn't an exaggeration. there's even chatter about BSG receiving an emmy - which almost never happens for so-called sci-fi shows.

Hansgirl3 said...

Great load of news here, JK!! Thanks!!

I can't wait til the next season ~ I'm "jonsing" for BSG!! LOL!!

floacist said...

I wish was there. Well, only really to see Lucy Lawless ^_^