Razor preview!

THANK YOU Club Jade for bringing this to my attention. As I commented there, I haven't been watching the Sci Fi Channel much of late since BSG hasn't been on the air (well, I haven't been watching much TV at all anyway). What we've all been waiting for, a first glimpse at Razor to be aired this fall:

Apparently this was aired on SciFi last night during the season premiere of Eureka. It's also up to view on the official site (look over on the lower right side of the page for featured video - there's some other cool newer stuff up there too).

And here's an interview with Ron Moore
, posted at iF Magazine yesterday, discussing season 4 and Razor (spoilers likely if you haven't seen the series up to the end of season 3).

So say we all!


darthlando said...

I think the BSG vs. SW was much more interesting.


Hansgirl3 said...

WOOO-HOOOOOOOO!!! Awesomeness!!

Finally! The wait will be over! :D

Hansgirl3 said...

I finally had some time to read the article with Ron Moore that you linked. Thanks for sharing that!!

I never knew Ron Moore was so cute. ;)