Season 1: Episodes 5-8

A few quick thoughts on episodes 5-8 of Season One, which my wife and I just completed.

  • Episode 5, where Starbuck finds the Cylon ship, was pretty sweet. The Cylon ship had a very Yuuzhan Vong feel to it, as a living ship. Starbuck's mechanical manipulations were interesting to watch. At the end, when Apollo saw "Starbuck" on the bottom of the ship, I exclaimed: "That's awesome". It's cool to see confirmation that Starbuck really is that damn good in a plane.
  • Episode 6 was so-so. It felt like an obligatory "McCarthy" episode. It had some good plot movement, particularly involving Galactica's Boomer. But, I thought the tribunal was a little stereotypical and rushed. This one just didn't grab me.
  • In Episode 7, things really heated up. It was great to see Baltar really squirm. I am simultaneously cracked up and disgusted by Baltar. "No more Mr. Nice Gaius!" He's quite funny, but he's also heavily responsible for the destruction of human civilization and is almost entirely led by his crotch.
  • I really liked Episode 8. The showdown between Leoben and Starbuck was great. I found myself more sympathetic with Leoben's professions of faith in God than I did with Starbuck's handling of the situation. I think Starbuck's tough-guy act really demonstrated how insecure she is about these human-like Cylons. She doth protest too much. Her prayer at the end was particularly poignant.
At this point, I'm really fascinated trying to figure out what the Cylon's plan is. Why are they so focused on their monotheistic God? Is Caprica Boomer trying to get pregnant with Helo? Is that even possible? I'm sure I'll learn more on the next disc.


jkthunder said...

"I'm sure I'll learn more on the next disc."

*Bites tongue*

Do you think it's possible that episode 6 might have been less so-so if it hadn't come after a pretty incredible (my opinion) episode? Yeah - there are a couple of episodes, very few mind you, that aren't jaw droppingly awesome. But that seems to be partly because there's just so much to live up to with the better episodes. Even the weaker episodes of BSG are vastly more interesting to me than any Star Trek episode ever aired :p

RJ said...

Even the weaker episodes of BSG are vastly more interesting to me than any Star Trek episode ever aired

Oh, yeah, when I say episode 6 was so-so that's in comparison to other BSG. It's still light-years better than the ST:TNG McCarthy episode. Honestly, in many ways, BSG has spoiled ST for me. ST doesn't even compare to this.

jkthunder said...

i know what you mean rj. BSG has not only raised the bar for itself, but for TV in general (for me). i size up a lot of other shows to this, and even movies. i guess thats why there arent really any other shows i follow on TV anymore these days, aside from heroes, news shows and the like.