Battlestar may indeed air on NBC

Long time no blog! Just heard about an IGN article rehashing the possibility that NBC may opt to air episodes of Battlestar Galactica while the strike plods on.

Battlestar Galactica May Re-Air on NBC

- IGN December 6, Eric Goldman
"Rumors of Galactica re-airing or even moving new episodes to NBC go back much further than the strike and seem to pop up once a year or so. NBC has in fact re-aired select Galactica episodes in the past, but never on a regular basis. While it's highly unlikely first run episodes will be moving to NBC -- the show's fourth and final season is set to premiere in the spring on SCI FI, though production on the second half is suspended thanks to the strike -- the rumors of ongoing reruns on NBC have resurfaced recently, as the networks run out of scripted series to air and a greater possibility looms of them looking to cable programming that would be new to a larger audience."

While I was browsing IGN, I saw this link to a whole buncha BSG videos. Might be fun to check out if you have the time.

In other non-news... I just picked up Razor on DVD. Yeah, I caved. I had these thoughts of boycotting the DVD release - I think partially because of the strike, and partially because I thought it might make a statement against the delayed release of season 3 on DVD and the pushing back of season 4, but truthfully I can't remember exactly why I was planning the boycott anymore. I just had to see the extended and unrated edition that "you couldn't see on TV". I picked it up at Best Buy and it says it has an exclsive Bonus Disc only available at Best Buy. Hmmmm. Kind of doubt that. I'll post about the DVD later, as I'm just about to settle in to watch it tonight.


RJ said...

Just an update on where I am vis a vis BSG. My wife and I have now watched through episode 6 of season 3. Minus episode 5 (Collaborators). We now have all the rest of season 3 and Razor on our DVR, so over the next few weeks we should be all caught up.

starthunder said...

i'm glad you've ben able to get the rest of season 3 rj. if you've been following along the recent airings on sci-fi, there was a second chunk aired right around when razor did - end of november. actually, starting 8am dec 7th, they are airing the last chunk of season 3 all in a row. another mini-marathon per se, except tomorrow they will skip maelstrom and the son also rises (which be be aired the first two fridays of january consecutively).

worse case scenario, purchase an episode for 1.99 from amazon - click here

collaborators is a really good episode too IMO!

Hansgirl3 said...

I bought Razor right away! I just couldn't boycott. Same as you, I wanted to see the extended stuff.

Last night, I rewatched the Season 2-2.5 episodes involving Pegasus and Caine and it was really interesting seeing those again now that I have the events from Razor in my mind.

I recommend watching those after Razor.

BTW, I finally now own all of the seasons on DVD (except 3, of course)! Yea!!! :D

starthunder said...

Awesome hg! That's a great idea - watching the Pegasus/Cain episodes. I should do that, but I've been so busy lately, I barely had time to watch Razor itself. I will one of these days!

Can't... wait... for.... season 3 DVD.

Hopefully in a couple more months - ???

Anonymous said...

Just an fyi, the bonus disc available at best buy IS a best buy exclusive. No one else got it. I am sick of this kind of marketing.

starthunder said...

thanks for the info. i was wondering if anyone else sold it with the same bonus content. best buy seems to do that a lot.