After a long break, my wife and I finally watched another season 3 episode last night, Hero. It was a pretty cool look back at pre-war Adama. The flashbacks added some nice information to my understanding of the state of affairs before the Cylon attacks. As a self-contained episode, I enjoyed it. I'm still not entirely sure what's up with the existential crisis that Xena Cylon is having. I'm sure that will become clear shortly.

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starthunder said...

Geeze - it's been so long since I've watched some of these episodes and the plot points are so numerous and complex... I have to look up that episode to remember.

I think I'm going to start another marathon so far as a new year activity and to be in line when season 3 gets the DVD release.

lol - Happy New Year (btw)! I am sitting in bed as 2007 passes to 2008, ready to go to sleep for an early morning tomorrow! Boy am I fun!