Rekha Sharma and Michael Trucco Q&As

Scifi.com now has more Q&As up with Tory and Anders. Also up is Part 2 with James Callis (Baltar - did I really have to point that out?). If you haven't checked these out before, the official Battlestar site at scifi.com has opened up to members of the message boards there and hosting periodic Q&A sessions with the cast. Click here to view them all at SciFi Pulse.

Sorry to all you international types who can't view Hulu either. If I find an IP free host with these videos anywhere, I'll certainly put them up.


Digi-press mini-doc

Sneak peek for next week (hey! That rhymes!): Faith


Lubab No More said...

Just want to mention how much I love hulu. Too bad they are now waiting a week to post new episodes of BSG. :(

Rizo said...

i met edward james olmos 1 day at disney world :) he wuz really nice! i wuz so excitedd bcuz i loooveee the show. and i am a 13 year old girl. XD