Rekha Sharma interview at Buddy TV

Check out the nice little chat with Rekha Sharma over at Buddy TV. Don't worry - there are no spoilers (unless you haven't been watching up to the current 4th season).


Are there any hints that you can give us about what's coming up on the show as we move into the midseason hiatus?

Any hints, well . . .

Who the fifth Cylon is, maybe?

[Laughs] Oh yes sir, no problem! You've got to be kidding me [laughs]. I like my job and I want to keep it, even though I only have a little bit left. To give any hints would just ruin it for you, really. It's so exciting. I can tell you this much, I can tell you that it's intense, that there's going to be lots of surprises. It's going to be everything that it has been so far: intense, dark, wonderful, exciting.


Also, the second part of Rekha's Q&A is now available

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