BSG's Tubey triumphs and otherwise

Television Without Pity's 2009 Tubey Awards winners, losers, and runners-up are now in. Fans and staff voted on various categories for television shows, and BSG shows up aplenty! Here's the breakdown:

In the Actors & Actresses category, BSG was less than 10 votes shy of winning Best Cast, but the Galctica itself won for "Best Performance by an Inanimate Object" (it was also the staff pick for this category which seems to have been created specifically for the Galactica).

In the Episodes & Moments category, BSG was the staff pick for Worst Season Finale, but Dualla was the staff pick for Best On-Screen Death Scene. "Starbuck vanishes into thin air in the finale" was the staff pick for Worst "WTF" Moment, and Daybreak Part 2 was also the staff pick for Worst Single Episode - Drama (Getting the feeling that the TWoP staff wasn't keen on the BSG finale). It's pretty surprising to me that there wasn't any mention of BSG for Best or Worst Dream/Hallucination/Fantasy Sequence since there are so many of them, particularly with the head people!

In the Relationships & Storylines category, Bill Adama and Laura Roslin won for Best Romantic Relationship. Aw!! "Cally cheated on Tyrol with Hot Dog, who fathered her child" got the staff pick for Worst Retcon.

That about sums up BSG at the Tubeys. It seems the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles fans were also very outspoken about the show with the Tubeys as well.

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