No EWwy wins for BSG

The competition was tough, especially when Lost is in the mix and there are so few categories to vote in. Out of the three categories BSG was nominated for in the fan-elected Entertainment Weekly awards; The EWwys, it won zero. Here are the category links with notes on how close we came (the one vote miss for Mary McDonnell for Best Lead Actress is a crying shame!):

Tricia Helfer lost to Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama

Mary McDonnell lost to Emily Deschanel of Bones for Best Actress in a Drama

Battlestar Galactica lost to True Blood for Best Drama Series

At least the Tubeys were a little more in our favor! And don't forget, you can vote I believe once a day for the Spike TV 2009 Scream Awards, which will be open until October 27. Follow the easy links below to vote for BSG in the nominated categories:

Battlestar Galactica for Best TV Show

Katee Sackhoff for Best Science Fiction Actress

Battlestar Galactica for Best Ensemble

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