Colonial Dispatch 12.17.08

Miscellaneous news inspired by the Fleet News Service

I recently saw The Day the Earth Stood Still - both the 1951 original (for the first time since elementary school) and the 2008 "remake". One of the things I was looking forward to was seeing Aaron Douglas in an albeit small, even background, part as "Sgt. Winter", but apparently he was completely removed from the roll call (and imdb) as the movie released on December 12, dubbing Frak a liar. But BSG fans won't be disappointed to catch a quick glimpse of Lorena Gale (Elosha) as one of the convening scientists, and Michael Hogan (Tigh) in the credits as "General". If anyone saw Michael on screen, please say where! A good solid flick, and one can't miss the undeniable original inspiration for Cylon Centurians. Another fan shout-out goes to Director of Photography David Tattersall for also being DP for all the Star Wars prequels. *bow of respect*


Other random bits...

BSG makes all sorts of top lists! Number 2 in EW's list of the top 25 in sci-fi since 1982, and number 8 in Time Magazine's top 10 TV shows in 2008 (and there were barely a dozen BSG episodes in 2008!). That's just this week. Wait until after the season finale, and see how many more top lists we make then. How about all-time lists? Check out what Newsweek has to say (via verheiden.blogspot.com via galacticasitrep.blogspot.com).

Of course BSG made Mo Ryan's Top 10 of 2008, but did you know that BSG has the top rating percentage increase (at 53%) when DVR use is factored in? I'm not exactly sure what that means since statistics aren't a big subject in art school, but Reuters (3rd to last paragraph) makes it sound good.

Luckily we're hearing from Jane Espenson via her commentaries on the new webisodes (and hopefully on the season 4.0 DVDs), because she's announced that she will cease blogging indefinitely due to an exhaustion of things to say. (via LA Observed)

Will we see Ron Moore's Virtuality as a series, a miniseries, or at all? Hard to say at this point, and we may not know much until May 2009. At least we finally know Caprica is a definite, so maybe it's just taking NBCU an equal amount of time to work with Virtuality.

"ScFi Looks for a Future without Battlestar Galactica" at the LA Times - which is actually an expansion of one of last week's Hero Complex future-forward look at the SciFi channel with president David Howe.

Pretty pictures from the set of the season 4.0 finale and others (which I don't believe are spoilers) at MichaelTrucco.com! Hee hee, at least I'm pretty frakking sure the first photo is not a spoiler.

Last but not least, a reminder that the Battlestar Prop Auction is not only online at www.battlestarprops.com, but the complete catalogue is also available to download - a fine piece of free memorabilia if you can't afford any of the actual props.

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