The Face of the Enemy Webisode 2

Once again, thanks to youtube user SevorTB (who would like to be credited under their Live Journal username "ddt73"), The Face of the Enemy webisode #2, which aired today on scifi.com - for all of you who can not access the SciFi site or Hulu:

With Jane Espenson's commentary:

I'm trying to figure out if when Espenson said at the end of webisode 1's commentary "That was the end of webisode one. Where's the fleet?" she meant that "Where's the Fleet" is the actual title of webisode one. She mentioned nothing of the like in the commentary for webisode 2.

Since SciFi's sponsor for the webisodes has been the next Underworld movie; Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (visit the official site), we're putting the trailer up here for you to watch because it's the sponsors that help pay the writers and production staff so that these webisodes are even possible at all. You can also click the above link to their official site to show your support for their support:

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