LA Times and Battlestar

Today's LA Times features a "Sunday Conversation" with Jamie Bamber, which interestingly took place on a Friday:
"What was it like on, say, the last day of shooting "Battlestar Galactica?" Did you all think, 'What now?' Or -- 'Oh, thank God, my life is back'?

The last day of shooting was a crazy day. We'd gone a week over already. Two units shooting, everyone on call the whole time. There was not time to reflect. It was just getting across the finish line. There was a lot of whiskey drunk in the camera truck at 4 a.m. but I was still going in the second unit scene, or on my own with a bunch of extras firing guns."

Also featured in today's LA Times is Sciffy prez David Howe, who adamantly acknowledges the success and audience Battlestar has brought to SciFi. Howe hints at a mysterious "Holy Grail" multimedia event by 2010 which will embody the future direction of the network.


Back on December 4, the LA Times Hero Complex blog gave us a heads up and intro to a Sunday edition article discussing the recent wave of scifi remakes and resurrections. Here it is, and BSG is definitely part of the discussion.
"The "Terminator" and "Robocop" franchises are being revved up now for more mechanical-man mayhem, and classic films such as "Forbidden Planet" and "When Worlds Collide" are in the remake pipeline, while the new take on " The Day the Earth Stood Still," starring Keanu Reeves, opens Dec. 12. Even " Battlestar Galactica," which began as a small-screen "Star Wars" knockoff in the 1970s, has been revived with spectacular results and will break new ground in 2009 with the TV movie "Caprica" on Sci Fi, with a series to follow."

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